Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Un fiorentino Campione Italiano Seniores di Taekwondo !!

An athlete Florentine Italian Senior Taekwondo Champion!

must be on file the Italian Championships Senior and Junior Black Belts Taekwondo., the most prestigious national event for the Italian Taekwondo Federation. This year's event - hosted in the prestigious setting of the Mazda Palace March 9 to 11 - will live long in the memory of fans and employees to work as one of the best of recent times.

Everything (or almost) the second prediction: the quasar and Tommaso Pierini, a Taekwondo athlete Center Florence who won gold in the Senior-78kg category.

A praise so very good to Thomas who had to overcome fierce opposition in order to 5 to bear the prestigious title. And a deserved recognition of the continuing work of the Maestro Domenico Mazzocchi, who trains three times a week, athletes and fans of this wonderful sport Florentine Korean at the Gym Stadium Boulevard in Marathon - Florence. For information and curiosity, I refer you to the site

Greetings from Francesco


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