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What Is A Good Costume For Someone On Crutches

Cadet National Championships in Florence!

... to tell the truth of such an event deserves a detailed diary, but lately I've been a bit 'messed up and after a month of the event ... I just remember that.
were the first days of March, when Dominic called a handful of black belts of TKD Florence home of Edward the green hills of Florence and asked, "Do you feel et handle an event to organize a national character? The Italian Taekwondo Federation has asked me to organize in the city of Dante Cadet Championship next April at the end! ". The black belts looked into his eyes and sing the anthem in unison Korea agreed that it was raising their glasses to the sky filled with sake. It was time to grow and to demonstrate that TKD Florence is not only good to win national championships in fighting and forms (Pierini & Benches über alles), but also to manage events of a certain level. We share the tasks carefully and after two hours of passionate meeting, drunk with joy carbonara terminate the meeting, in the sense that the wood stove and Edo 120-130 cigarettes smoked by virtuous athletes had tainted sweaters and jackets, cough cough. I
, Pajano and Bitta ™ (hereinafter ™ BPH), we take responsibility for 'press office of the Exhibition and I must say I really enjoyed this experience, IPB ™ we have respected the extremely tight timetable of press releases, sending invitations, flyers and press press conference in Palazzo Vecchio, with the president of Fita Dr. Cito, the commissioner of the City of Eugene to the sport and our great Domenico Giani Mazzocca is an example of good organization ... sorry for the lack of modesty, but there quanno Vo, we only want! ! IP would like to thank B, whose experience in the field of communication was key for the good result of the 'press office. However, details about the event and the feedback link at the bottom, I refer you to the article, we also issued in print and COURIER NEW FLORENCE has dedicated an entire page the day after the race, thanks!
However, all the staff of TKD Florence, helped also by FITA and other companies in Tuscany, has done well during the intense two days of Palamattioli and I quote the President congratulated Dommy because he saw a very united group and damn effective :-).
For our internal use, I can only say that on other occasions we should be more careful in microphones and stoned drivers of emergency vehicles, the boys of TKD Florence know what I mean!
Finally I just want to write about my personal shit figures with the Federal Technical Commissioner and member of the World Commission on Forms of WTF (!) Master Park Young Ghil (hereinafter for brevity CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG). Me and Lorenzo Pajano, the only clean faces of the staff can make out, we were instructed by Dommy going to take the train to Florence CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG, guest of honor on Sunday, April 25. Let's go all dressed up in suits our official TKD Florence orange jacket and Ray Ban Aviator's green ordinance. The plea was the car of Lore, the New Fiat Punto Blue 2-door (remember this detail, 2 fuckin 'doors). CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG arrives on time at Santa Maria Novella and as soon as we see his face hard as the pioneer of Tkd melts into a nice smile. On board he adjusts in the back seat and speak kindly of various things, the upcoming Olympics in London, Sarmiento, of the many years of CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG to spread the martial art in our beautiful country, from Naples to Turin!. Among other things, many current teachers (including the brother of Domenico) were direct students just CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG has really done an awesome job and steady, thanks CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG!
We stopped in a nice bakery Novoli and offer breakfast, io rammentandogli i suoi trascorsi di Maestro a Napoli lo invoglio a prendersi come pasta un babà (è come andare a Capri al ristorante e chiedere al cameriere una ribollita..). Io, digiuno, lo imito e mi prendo un babà, strazeppo di liquore (ricordatevi questo particolare, strazeppo di fottutissimo liquore).
Si riparte alla volta del Palamattioli e si scherza e si ride sulle differenze culinarie tra Napoli e Firenze. Arriviamo a destinazione e Pajano frena dolcemente la macchina di fronte all’ingresso del Palasport. E’ in questo dannato momento che la mia soglia di attenzione, complice forse la frustata alcolica del babà, crolla inesorabilmente. Non ricordando cha la Pajanomobile ha solo 2 porte, scendo dalla vettura e scordandomi CTFeMdCMFdWTF that (!) MPYG must descend from the front, push to close the door violently just as CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG is emerging. I just heard a thud and a sacrament in Koreano, something like "tephò ssehnò skhannà. Only then I realized, and turning around to CTFeMdCMFdWTF (!) MPYG I just hissed "I'm sorry Master" embarrassed but happy to see that the great, great Park Young Ghil had saved the door with a double fist and cross was saved, and looked at me with a smile. Thanks Young Ghil, you've learned that kindness and speed of action typical of our Art can I preserve in future attacks on unsuspecting Part of nice c 'heads ... or do not hold even a baba ...
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