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Alpi del Gran Paradiso.


Il Monte Marzo

Tracciato GPS.

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Il tracciato parte da Fondo, si divide subito in due strade di salita o discesa, per variare il cammino consiglio to practice both, making no distinction for the same route, then when you leave the road, and got back to the first hut, named Alp Pra, I followed a direct line to the right going up the river stream Chiusella, this board has point cut, because the GTA at one point back on the slopes of the left, unnecessarily lengthen the path, while the right-hand side is easily accessible stretches of grass and stones, the GPS track should not make mistakes, but it was never too high.

At some point the 'Alpe delle Oche, you are obliged to cross the trail red and white dating right up steep grassy ground, then up the rocky hill side gardens, the path still marked, but today I was in shape and so I drew up the streets of the ridge.


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orographic position.


Mount is located in the Gran Paradiso Alps, the Group is part of the Rosa dei Banchi, creating the coast of Mont March.

Its ridges divide the Piemonte Valle d'Aosta. On the Piedmont side down the source of the river Chiusella, forming the homonymous valley, the valley characterizes its rocky outcrop, in the middle valley. Instead, the side facing the Val d'Aosta Val Soana for descending steep grassy slope towards the town of Piamprato in the valley. On top lies a metal cross spacious offering a view into the Rosa and the Matterhorn and Monte Viso to the opposite side, in addition to the Valle d'Aosta shows a wide panorama of the Alps, the Gran Paradiso showing in plain view on Mont Emilius.




Fund (1075)


1680 meters.

Rise Time:

cutting in a straight line after the Alpe Prà took me 4 hours.


once arrived at the hill side gardens, if you continue to return the marked path turns out to be a kind of hiking trip, but if you plan to follow the ways of rock on the crest of the difficulty is ; grade II-PD.

Topographic Map Recommended

paper trail No. 16 Baltea Canavesana, Valchiusella, Sacred Valley, scale 1: 25000 (Hikers and mountain publisher).


Access automotive.

On the motorway A5 Turin / Aosta, upstream of the slip road coming from Santhià, is the exit of Ivrea.

Once the exit Ivrea, in the first round, maintain the signs for Castellamonte.

Then continue for a few km on the wide road that leads to Castellamonte, after a few intersections that we must take into account, it we spot one on the right, the road goes in the opposite direction, the first stretch of the valley. Of course there are the signs that indicate to Valchiusella Traversella, etc. ..

We must go up the valley, keeping to the location Traversella.

We pass the village of Traversella which will retain the right, at this point the road becomes narrower, we always keep right on the main road and after a few km we come to the Fund.

The road ends at the church of San Bernardo, where parking spaces are to accommodate our car.

Route on foot.

I got on the dirt road that crosses the church of San Bernardo, supero the metal bar that blocks access to vehicles and continues past the buildings of Tallorno. Access to cars is only available to owners of the pastures in the summer that increase the local sheep-farming activities. The dirt road goes up the left bank of the river Chiusella. After

Tallorno, with more than one hour's walk from the Fund, we find the path that climbs the side of the GTA right.

The path you can take to the Fund, beyond the stream Chiusella the beautiful Romanesque bridge, or Tallorno on the ford that leads to the houses, then the streets of the village.

Shortly after the GTA continue on the dirt road, there is a sign indicator shows the nozzle of the Geese, we follow the indication and continue on well marked path at least until the Alpe Pra (10 minutes).

After Alpe Pra, I advise you to cut right up the valley leading to the nozzle of the Geese on the right side of the river Chiusella, but if you prefer you can continue to follow the trail white / red GTA.

pastures through many blocks until you reach a plateau where is the Alpe delle Oche, she look good right now because you see other trail that you detach from the GTA to go back to the Hill of the Gardens, at the foot of Mount March.

The path leading to the gardens, climbs, first on grass Sion, then rocks, however, everything is marked up to the summit of Mount March.

At the stony ground, remain in plain sight of the rocky plates that form the pyramidal summit of the mountain, the ridge on the right is steeper than the left one, honestly, I draw the direct route up to the plate, but since they are only and without ropes, coming up the hill side gardens, leaving the trail and I climb up the steepest ridge, very funny. Check with a few steps to the summit, after eating a little bit and having admired the splendid panorama from the clear sky today, I decide to get off the ridge to the left, a little 'less steep, but certainly no less insidious.

A friendly advice: the ascent of the rock is very funny, but because it's plate, so slippery, if not more than dry, do not do shit and get the mount from the "normal".


Ponte romanico di Fondo

Romanesque Bridge Fund.



Cartelli indicativi

sign that the dirt road leads up the valley to Mount in March.

Alpe Prà (2)

Alpe Pra.

Alpeggi (2)

Alpe delle Oche.

Il Monte Marzo (4)

La parete di placche rocciose del Monte Marzo.

Croce sul Monte Marzo

Croce sulla vetta del Monte Marzo.


Nuvole a fondo valle


Previsioni metereologiche.



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