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experts have long economic / financial services are dictating the guidelines to address the serious problem PIIGS [1] , that since the ' EU was formed with the' , politicians have intentionally overlooked and disregarded.

The union was more political than real, since the various national governments free to manage the economy of its territory, although subject to certain constraints, but as we know, often the constraints are overcome or had already been exceeded before.

So everyone, today, they pay the penalty.

The economies were too unequal, and some took advantage of the union to expand abnormally to try to bring at par with other, more often using EU monies.

But, as often happens with high positive coefficients of GDP, the economies are in crisis if this trend is being pursued for several years.

no coincidence that the rising star China in a bid to become the second-largest economy, it was too unbalanced in the two-digit GDP growth, and now with its own Bank [2] central runs for cover, raising the reserve requirement for banks by 50 basis points.

It is claimed that this did not intend to restrict lending to the economy, although, in reality, this will lead to an inevitable drain of liquidity in circulation.

The global crisis has also created damage in China and some big companies are skipped, especially those that depended too much on Western markets.

company does not skip for lack of orders, but always for too many debts. Unlike break even.

In EU economies are linked through [3] the single currency, which, on the one hand strengthens the protective system, the other creates dysfunction can not, as the currency system be locally devalued.

The crisis has involved the Greek, as was inevitable, the entire EU, making hysterical financial markets.

The Fed , da parte sua, con una mossa lungimirante e sagace, a mercati finanziari chiusi, ha alzato il TUS allo 0,75% , visto anche il rafforzamento nel Forex del $ , portandolo, perciò, quasi al livello europeo.

La borsa giapponese ha reagito male; quelle europee assai male all’inizio, poi hanno recuperato gradualmente chiudendo intorno alla parità; ma da noi, si sa, l’isteria è veloce a correre tanto nel deprimere che nell’esaltare le quotazioni. La borsa americana ha assorbito l’impatto come atto già preventivato.

However, these are not a distant thunder storm, but clear signs of a violent storm economics, finance already in place.

The reasoning is simple: if Greece goes to peak drag him across Europe in quick succession.

Theoretically we could leave the drachma from '€, but that does not solve the problem and, in the long run, it will worsen.

A devaluation in relation to her appointed time drachma / € is impossible for the identity of money everywhere. A temporary return to the drachma, on the other hand, in addition to creating a very dangerous precedent, it would be anachronistic and in need of a long time.

That would leave Greece to its fate and with it, also the other countries which find themselves in the near future, in the same condition would be the end of the EU and the divide Europe into countries potentially (because the concept is now uncertain) rich and poor substantially.

Therefore, despite the declarations of Trichet, the ECB will intervene and save with a large loan, even if precise with restrictive terms of the warranty, the system of Greece.

so doing, perhaps , will keep the system from other continental immediate violent speculative attacks, which, burning the capital contributions, would inevitably reduce the economic system and create new probable recession.

This obviously will not be enough if countries most vulnerable to not embark on a policy of strictly limiting the waste of public resources.

must also consider that Portugal and Spain are on the verge of default and, in the rear, pure altre nazioni.

Già nei mesi estivi gruppi di esperti avevano sollevato il problema; ma, come quasi sempre avviene, la politica tende a soprassedere finché il problema, incancrenito, esplode e contagia tutto il sistema.

Lo è stato per i mutui sub prime, lo è stato e lo è per gli imponenti debiti pubblici, lo è per l’immigrazione clandestina, lo è stato e lo è per i derivati, lo è per tutti bonds che con facilità vengono oggi immessi sul mercato e che spostano il problema solo più avanti: tutte grosse incognite che attendono d’essere risolte decisive and forward-looking with a regulation, which would prevent them from damaging, both today and in the future.

The guidelines on which to operate there, the political will to implement them, fearful of being able to make an enemy of financial corporations in the necessary intent to subject them to strict rules and the various international and continental interests.

leader of the necessary and mandatory saving Greece and Germany, with the advent of '€, is perhaps the one which lost power over all other nations.

L’apertura dei mercati, infatti, ha indebolito il suo sistema strutturale e tecnologico produttivo perché attaccato da prodotti più economici, preferiti dal consumatore per l’incalzare della crisi.

Una nuova violenta crisi recessiva porterebbe alla depressione e la stessa economia teutonica ne uscirebbe con le ossa rotte, come tutta la vecchia Europa.

Per far fronte ai bisogni immediati greci si calcola che servano subito oltre 25 mld di €. Una cifra imponente che sarebbe solo l’inizio, atta a tamponare la necistà current. Otherwise there is only the default and social instability that would aggravate the situation.

The default greek bringing in its financial markets and other countries PIIGS, starting with Portugal, Italy and leave not even sure, yet strong in resisting the crisis for its manufacturing SMEs, but suffers from 'massive and long-standing debt.

In Europe, strict management and a single economic, now almost totally left in the hands of the financial arm of the ECB does not see that a specific public agency, but an area almost private.

policy and finance often go to their interests: the first for the most intent to cultivate popular support of the majority of each state, the second focused on the business of the various powerful multinational banks that are on the market and the beautiful bad weather, although, given the results, the more ugly the beautiful.

banks and major companies are connected by mutual interests and support not based on commercial logic, but only mutual interest.

It follows that there is no distinction between finance and industry and their ruoli abbiano degenerato. Se si aggiunge, poi, che molte nazioni hanno variato gli enti nazionali in S.p.A., allora il connubio diventa assai pericoloso; e, quindi, ben si capisce come le casse statali abbiano soccorso prontamente, anche se necessariamente, proprio quelle stesse aziende che, seppur private, stavano creando il dissesto generale.

Innalzare il TUS anche in Europa significherebbe, ora, bloccare tutta l’economia già vacillante e vanificare la tenue, anche se incerta, ripresa.

Personalmente credo che il TUS avrebbe dovuto fermarsi al 2% e non essere dimezzato. Ciò avrebbe concesso healthy companies to tap into funding more sensibly and to be able to increase: there was a selection on the market with the expulsion of dead bodies.

The interconnection between finance and industry has partially lost this rule, and Trichet, after the failure to raise them before, despite the clear warnings, then lowered them too much.

This has led banks to focus more on non-interest income, but to operate on the leverage of additional costs: the grant money was no longer profitable and the risk higher than the yield. Therefore the necessary liquidity to the productive system is not been granted to SMEs, and there has been limited, at best, to maintain the status quo of healthy companies.

In fact, it is deleted, in accordance with the provisions, the CMS has introduced the CFA and the penal overrun.

is therefore likely that the MLR should remain unchanged for many months yet.

The current economic and financial system has shown its limits and its inconsistencies, freeing herself from the territory.

Globalization has brought with it the exaggerated quest for gain, subtracting the income needed to develop and use its implicit role in social and employment creation in the territory, thus making the system take root in this district.

It was believed that the service sector was the noble Eldorado future, leaving the other (base) production manual tasks.

History, however, has been teaching for centuries with only tertiary you can not live long, especially if the productivity of the real economy escapes over time, an important income to their employees.

The EU, meanwhile, continued in a barter tra nazioni ha eliminato localmente certe produzioni industriali e agricole, in una compensazione parziale che poi deve però essere supportata da trasporti che, comunque, sono poco ecosostenibili anche per l’inquinamento.

Si è prodotto un danno che sarà difficilmente sopperito.

Se la crisi si è prodotta è perché aziende e stati erano carenti di liquidità e di riserva. E se questa scarseggiava nelle aziende, compresi i vari istituti finanziari che sono dovuti essere prontamente soccorsi (anche se non tutti), è ovvio che neppure la BCE, organismo sovranazionale delle banche Local, In case such a massive liquidity.

Therefore, to meet the urgent emergency, you resort to electronic currency, allowing a liquid that is only virtual.

And the same will be done to Greece and other nations that they need in the future.

To loosen the grip of debt, happily created and managed, are produced and will produce other debts, according to said swims in the sea is much better than a glass of water . Or to put it like this man whose problem was not to honor the debt, but only to obtain ulteriore credito (che non avrebbe mai restituito) perché tanti debiti ti fanno galleggiare, ma pochi ti fanno affondare .

Forse è il caso di dire che la finanza globalizzata galleggia su un immenso oceano di debiti: di privati, di aziende, di nazioni.

Tutti felici di esserlo e fiduciosi che tutto si risolverà … in futuro. Come non si … sa.

Tanti falsi ricchi in un mondo opulento all’apparenza, dove il furbo specula e si ingrassa e dove tutti gli altri fanno la … miseria.

Obviously there are also those that shed a lot of optimism and our politicians who are dedicated to the calculation of "abacus" economic / financial, without an overall plan in mind and without any idea of \u200b\u200bhow to create and manage it.

We therefore proceed on sight, regardless of what you do not even want to speculate as it may be possible.

Many people talk about microcredit , indicated as the necessary basis for future development. It has also been given a Nobel for that at its creator.

In realtà il microcredito è un’utopia propria del personalismo e, oltre a non dare alcuna garanzia di sviluppo, è anche una iattura finanziaria per i costi che arreca al sistema e al beneficiario.

Di positivo il microcredito ha solo la facilità di erogazione; ma l’erogazione a pioggia non crea un progetto strutturale, ma solo, quasi sempre, uno spreco di risorse preziose: dà una boccata di ossigeno e nulla più.

Non si chiedono garanzie, non si controllano i costi, non si separano i progetti seri da quelli inutili. In pratica si lascia spazio all’anarchia operativa dei singoli e ogni microcredito è slegato da un altro: anarchism relies on the economy.

And sorry to observe that a good part of the ecclesiastical leadership looks forward to this new new age economy, perhaps trusting only in the will of Divine Providence ... and the fact that they are more competent in " pater, ave and glory "in which all the rest ....

The modern economy can not be left to chance, because globalization has created the " case" without a unique direction.

Aid EU / ECB will be "obligatory" if you do not want to sink all together.

however bring with them the inevitable restrictions and constraints that will require sacrifices of the nations involved and also to those who can help it, because the overall costs should be shared responsibility and markets will shrink.

It follows that the future medium and long term will require a general reformulation of the economic, financial, productive and social sectors, because the current reality shows that it may not be much longer.

We will have to balance eco-friendly and not populist and nazionalpopolari.

become Unlike many " pigs," which in English means "pigs".

do not mean by that, the countries now in trouble and that correspond to the letters of the lemma-speaking.

I will only say that we'll have to cibarci acorn, just like the prodigal son [4] who, having squandered everything was forced to eat to survive.

However, in contrast to this biblical and symbolic character of the Gospel parable, we are not behind a father who is waiting for us in our honor to sacrifice the fatted calf, because we have fat calves, for a long time, consumed all.

[2] - POBC People Bank line

[3] - Alcuni dicono: sfortunatamente.

[4] - Lc 15,11-32


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