Monday, February 15, 2010

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Democracy and the crucifix.

Sesac , today, came to visit me and handed me this story.

The audience very happy.

Even so, this year, the alpine flowers dopi last 2009, I deliberately chose images of crosses and crucifixes to accompany the march of our months of 2010.

By this I reaffirm the freedom of a people to believe and to display a symbol of their cultural roots everywhere, even on a blog.

Happy reading!

Sam Cardell

From "Dialogues" of SESAC

Democracy and the crucifix

I, SESAC , I went up in Federation for the weekend.

Leone gave us an appointment for a special menu ... its all: polenta from Bergamo (the leone) e salamella, lessa in acqua e latte, accoppiata con patate al forno.

Ne avevo già mangiato tempo prima; e il languore, salendo lungo gli innevati tornanti del Fuscagno, si manifestava nel mio cavo orale, quasi che il profumo degli ingredienti scivolasse sulle rupi innevate e, con poderosi atletici salti, giungesse fine a me per calamitarmi lassù.

Sapevo che avrei trovato una numerosa compagnia su in baita e la … motoslitta, paziente, ad attendermi per l’ultimo balzo d’innevata erta salita, tra i cembri e i larici imbacuccati.

Vi era molta neve, ancor più che la volta scorsa.

Il traffico era scarso. E nonostante che la strada fosse una fettuccia completamente bianca, che ondeggiava ebbra d’aria limpida, secca e pura tra due muri di neve compressa e ghiacciata, mi distrassi a godermi il fantastico paesaggio.

A mezza salita notai che, nell’area picnic, gli spazzaneve avevano creato un ampio spazio, forse per concedere agli sprovveduti automobilisti, che lassù si avventuravano con poco giudizio, di montare in sicurezza le necessarie catene.

Mi fermai al sole e scesi per sgranchirmi le gambe e osservare meglio.

Nonostante il termometro segnasse -18° il sole scaldava; e l’aria secca produceva, sul corpo, quella sensazione piacevole di continuo calore che la rarefazione dell’atmosfera produce sempre in quota e arrossa, inevitabilmente, le pelli chiare per la scarsità di melanina nel metabolismo.

Il paesaggio era fantastico e fiabesco. Meritava proprio un’apposita sosta.

In basso si notavano gli ultimi abeti rossi che, nonostante la slanciata mole, sembravano buffi pulcini inguaiati nella stoppa bianca. Sentivano, pure loro, il freddo intenso and still wore the white cap of ... night's sleep.

The Piazzi was before me, stern and imposing, graying among the glaciers. To its left bank of the severe dosdata , though candid observer aroused his daring and disturbing aspect, tenacious guardian of the Val Viola: I looked at him with admiration and at the same time, with a slight tremor, like I'm clinging and incrodato its steep and overhanging walls.

the weathered old man looked like father and son prancing imprudent.

I turned to my left the look and I saw in the distance, the severe Fraele towers, once the control port for the traveler who wanted to switch between the two valleys Christian, but which differ profoundly for the 'evangelism the theology of the cross.

This brought me back to the scandal of indulgences. And in our time, the theory held by Leone and Bars, albeit with different reasons, indicated in relativistic phenomenology of the papal curia and personalism in the inevitable decline, among the faithful of Catholicism today.

obviously sensed the speech, but, can not fully understand their deep thoughts, I lost myself in the labyrinth of reasoning, while seeing the historical results and ... clearly deteriorating.

captured the meaning of the totem and individualism top that it followed, but at the same time, I lost in the theocratic concept of self-centeredness, as opposed to, dialectically, the perfect democratic theosophy.

Unicuique suum !

My gaze is fixed, then, on the mighty peak that partly behind the 13 peaks in itself, worthy of the vertical sinuous flow diagram of the hysterical fluctuating financial markets today.

I called to mind the Resegone Manzoni, homemade midget in comparison with respect to these and tontolone dirupanti and soaring peaks.

I watched a long breath to the generous warmth of the sun, recognizing one by one the various points, while they seemed to wink and invite me to a new loving rendezvous.

An intermittent sound shrill emotional ecstasy I looked away, back to consciousness and friends who were waiting for me: the phone whining pain in the neck, demanding my attention.

And such a small device, ill fits in with the concept that in his youth had the phone: squat means to transport prisoners.

We never officially entered in that compartment hairless, so we are now trapped in a small object.

... I reached the clearing where the mighty earth dozing in the sun and where the patient snowmobile I was waiting for a long time.

I went there. The engine began his mighty hand, and rejoiced with powerful modulation, or redundant, or soft, almost timid, the frozen forest of conifers that preceded the hut, perched up there, high up in a lovely clearing made a daring landing.

Billy ran there, lonely, meeting, almost curious about the noise coming from the dense fir forest, and took advantage of a winding hairpin reduced, almost stopping, our gait, crouch for festive, with a leap, in my arms.

... Leone was already at work in front of a large cauldron in which the precious yellow mixture to boiling springs intermittent, like so many geysers.

The stirred continuously while the discussion among those present, related to crucifix that some in society would want to remove from any public place.

Oddly Leone seemed to have estranged from the debate, almost ascetic absorbed by its culinary task.

He was holding what he called a ladle, and others called the stick polenta. It was a long wooden cutlery, flattened at the bottom of a mo 'to narrow spade, with which stirred continuously and golden yellow cake corn.

When boiling the mixture began to clot and left him a moment, from the table, took dell'Asiago that mincing into delicate slices, dropped into the kettle.

stirred again for a few minutes until everything is amalgamated. Then he sat on a chair nearby, after adjusting the focus, as if to rest.

Osvi was saying that everyone should be master in his own house, in accordance with an election slogan of a certain political force, referring to quell'islamista he had removed from the box and launched a audience in a crucifix.

Leone watching him, hearing and seeing too passionate, almost smiling, pleased and amused by his fervor.

Then, after a while ', got up and returned to the pot, taking the word simultaneously in challenging the ladle.

In the great room, in his first sentence, the silence of deep rose, only partially broken by the murmur of the food being cooked on the fire.

" I think the speech should not be tanto impostato in modo idealistico, bensì secondo una logica democratica.

E, questa, impone una semplice realtà: quella della volontà della maggioranza di esprimere la propria cultura e il proprio credere, non solo sociale, ma pure religioso. Perciò di dotarsi, come i nostri avi, dei simboli propiziatori che meglio crede.

Non condivido la pretesa di una certa tesi, propria del fondamentalismo islamico, per la verità da noi avvalorata solo da pochissime persone o da alcuni esagitati massimalisti, che intende il crocefisso solo come simbolo religioso individuale, che non appartiene a tutti e che offende, nella crudezza rappresentativa, the sensibilities of some.

The crucifix does not express any of this, but points to all observers, believers or agnostics, social solidarity even of accepting that individual is not always useful: it is to be people and companies in 'to offer all our valuable and time-consuming and sometimes painful and difficult, help.

If you give up something to present ourselves to society, it becomes just a container, which replaces the individualistic self-centeredness to be only people with the community.

And a community, as we know, especially when defending their corporate interests, are disconnected from the people conceive of ourselves.

Therefore, the dividend on the crucifix as a symbol, as well as subject to the claims of others to impose their understanding only, blanketing the inalienable principle of freedom, tend only to cross over the freedom of others, therefore, in this case, even that of our ideological and religious understanding.

Our freedom as our forefathers said, stops where another's begin respecting the rights of everyone.

We do not impose Islam to renounce to his claim, nor to give up its religious symbols. And do not do that even with the agnostic.

We only ask that the will of meaning of the democratic majority of the people is respected, because that symbol also guarantees the right of those who think differently. "

He paused a moment and left the spoon, he took a fork to check the cooking of sausage. The foam, adding more milk and reduced the fire.

Nessuno fiatò.

Indi, riprese:

Ovunque noi troviamo la croce e non solo nelle chiese. La vediamo sulle vette alpine, ai lati delle antiche vie, or nei campi di pianura, or nei pascoli d’altura. La vediamo sulle tombe dei nostri avi o dove loro sono morti.

La poniamo su ogni tomba, anche su quella di chi, pur battezzato, credeva poco o non credeva affatto.

La vediamo pure dentro di noi, come, io, la sto tracciando col mestolo, nel stir this cake of corn necessary gesture, propitiation and thanksgiving that our old ever did.

The cross is the intersection of two lines rotate in a different position. In the same way a theoretical line that takes opposing positions: vertical and horizontal.

The cross indicates the life: a life that ends and begins again, continuing in another dimension. If there is death there can be any material birth, for life. It is the metempsychosis of each staff, even if not physical, but it becomes, in the reality of faith, with the final resurrection.

are two worlds that intersect in their death, like the two arms of the cross: the world of here and one there.

God, according to the Christian, he also died on the cross. But not so much material on the cross, but on that of its making, as well as Hegel expressed in Logic with the absolute devastation of God in history. That concept as well, with little diversity, expressed, centuries before, even Anselm or, nowadays, the current of evangelical theology God is dead.

Un tempo avevamo le invasioni dei barbari, degli arabi e dei turchi, quindi degli islamici.

Vi era chi intendeva conquistare e chi voleva preservare. Eppure i simboli convissero pacificamente dopo le cruente battaglie di mare e terra.

Ora abbiamo l’immigrazione incontrollata: nuova invasione barbarica di gente che vive con presupposti diversi dai nostri. Non combatte come un tempo, ma accampa diritti senza sobbarcarsi dei doveri.

Si vogliono scuole a proprio uso e consumo; si vogliono case, assistenza, moschee a spese delle state coffers. Do not have a right to work, but the claim by the mere fact of being here with us.

are desperate people with little education, for those that have it any other way and secure travel documents for, acting and living differently.

often feeds into delinquency, are exploited by criminals in our league with them, make do and come together in ghettos.

This is not emigration, but the human devastation that incites the repulsion of the other, do not mix in society, but they live according to their tribal traditions.

strange way, first, to be guests and to integrate with the host.

strange way, second, make policy and lead a nation.

You are blowing this way, the flames of ethnic conflict. And the conditions are already striking, not only where the riots have already occurred, but also in those buildings where the immigrants live in the ghetto without bothering to pay electricity, gas, water, ... and the services received, for all their due.

No religious and political force is exempt from this disaster paced, often also because the conspiracy on this issue is used as a weapon dialectic nell'addossarsi blame.

The cross and the crucifix, consequently, are a sign of civilization: the civilization based on certain principles and values. And they should be, well, the sign of democracy and popular will.

This, however, is now unknown to many politicians, even cry, applaud today and tomorrow contest.

Yet among us there are idealistic idiots, at all levels of society, from grade and responsibility. Questi vedono nell’ottusità del loro intendere la sola verità esistente; e ce la vorrebbero imporre.

Si arriva a pretendere di non svolgere un ruolo istituzionale, come ad esempio la giustizia o la docenza, perché in quell’aula vi è un crocefisso: un ostacolo … insormontabile a svolgere un compito retribuito.

Nel paese vi è sempre una maggioranza parlamentare, or ampia, or risicata; però c’è. E questa decide in base ad un suffragio elettorale che la legittima. E se a questa maggioranza sta bene la croce e il crocefisso, è dovere del cittadino dissidente uniformarsi alla volontà della maggioranza, non per imposizione, ma per la regola democratica dell’essere popolo e nazione.

Vi è, inoltre, la possibilità di indire un possibile referendum, se vi è una certa base propositiva.

Insomma: se si vuol mettere in discussione la croce e il crocefisso si proceda, ma poi si rispetti la volontà del popolo uniformandosi ad essa.

Per impegni ho viaggiato talora in paesi islamici e, in questi, mi veniva, di norma, esplicitata al mio arrivo la raccomandazione a non esporre, o manifestare, symbols of our faith, so not only the cross.

So if we have guests we have to hide, conceal, and if we are hosting.

strange way of being globalized citizens and people and nation has its own identity and culture. "

The polenta was now thick and clung to the spoon like a big loaf of bread and soda.

Leone scrambling for a few more times, then set aside the spoon and blew into the cauldron who posed, then for a few seconds still on fire. Finally took the bowl from the heat and the polenta onto a large plate of beech wood, previously anointed with butter.

checked the sausage, put it down on the table and sliced \u200b\u200bit in regular pieces, while Madame removed the potatoes from the oven.

" Sit where you like most and use your. Who does not like offer more and what can pass the convent.

We hope that some fundamentalist idiot or idealist homemade, over the crucifix there should also remove the sausage.

And, then, would be big trouble, because the polenta would cease to appear worthy. "

in the dining room at the top on the east, stands an artistic, antique, large wooden crucifix pine.

o'er the assorted company sit down at the long table, almost amused and attracted by the scent menu. Seemed to nod, looking with his head bowed, to the speech of Leone.

remained a place in the bottom of the table, just opposite Leone and under the crucifix.

None of the bystanders took him, leaving him ideally ... crucified man.



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