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Berceto: when the story is poorly read and interpreted. The domino International

" History, as a rule, the law is not only looking at single fact happened, but incorporating the events in the general context that created them. " [1]

are in Tuscany for a few days and are in good form.

Ciò nonostante nel pomeriggio domenicale accetto di salire a Berceto per la rievocazione storica dell’eccidio, là accaduto il 17-04-1944, che vide perire ben 11 persone.

Del fatto non conosco quasi nulla, se non a sommi capi. Il mio interesse è dovuto solo all’analisi sociale che ne posso trarre dalla celebrazione e dalla rievocazione che ne verrà fatta.

Al mattino, nella pieve romanica di S. Bartolomeo a Pomino [2] , Was celebrated a mass in memory of the fallen.

The day before, Saturday, was inaugurated in the council of Rùfina a simple but interesting exhibition of the territory in that period, combined with an exhibition of peace made by flying bombs.

In the afternoon I come to House Source , pretty and poor farm offshore of past centuries, the property, like everything else in the area, the landowner of Frescobaldi, the noble heritage of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Just above Pomino vedo le belle e ben tenute residenze nobiliari settecentesche, indice emblematico della disparità sociale di quel tempo.

Casa Fonte è su un poggio a circa 600 m di altitudine, luogo intermedio tra Canispattuli e Berceto. Qui è stato posto il raduno.

È posta su un ampio pianoro a forma di grande catino, leggermente degradante verso valle, completamente dedicato a robusti vigneti ben tenuti.

È attorniata, a monte, da basse colline boscose, tra le quali serpeggia una carrareccia mal tenuta che punta ad un santuario/oratorio francescano ( Madonna del Carmine ai Fossi ) ormai in totale rovina, nel quale, fino a tempo fa, faceva bella mostra di sé una preziosa terracotta di ceramica invetriata di Andrea della Lobbia, poi traslata nella pieve di Pomino.

Il santuario, a cui salgo dopo la cerimonia, è in completa rovina. Resistono in parte, pur pericolanti, la struttura della chiesa e della residenza francescana. L’oratorio, posto dietro la chiesa stessa, è quasi completamente crollato e difficilmente recuperabile, pur avendo archi, in pietra arenaria berettina, di buon pregio artistico.

Poco distante si notano tra le sterpaglie incalzanti i ruderi perimetrali di un’altra costruzione, forse adibita at the time of the night to hostel traveler.

It's still, amid so much misery, good presence himself the beautiful bell tower blocks of squared stone.

front of the church, to sum irony, a road sign in two languages, English and Italian, says the ancient splendor of a chapel located on the cart track that led to the abbey of Vallombrosa, almost Opposite, and continuing until La Verna.

is inconceivable to understand how I can let go to rack and ruin like monuments, witnesses of life, culture and local history of past centuries.

Berceto is within walking distance (200/300 mile) from Home Source, connected to it by a cattle track to the flat sides of which make a fine show of primroses, violets and some periwinkles.

Around the coppice is awakening and a large and imposing walnut near the house, gives her swollen bud.

The village is a mere handful of very few houses huddled together in a block plots, single and poor, now completely abandoned, unsafe, and with wooden roof and floor slabs collapsed.

arriving there on the front, you notice the top un'intonacatura, upon which time you must have the name "Berceto", now only guess the good will of the visitor.

There is also, on the wall, a small plaque which commemorates the tragedy.

the corner south of the house there is a cross planted on the ground and beside a sign which recalls the events and victims.

With remarkable behind schedule, the procession is made, there are many people, about a hundred people, some of whom I know for some time.

There is a patch of Tuscany, one of the town host and organizer, or those of neighboring towns who have been victims nell'eccidio and that of the mountain community.

There is also delegated to the prefectural authorities, the representation of some of the armed forces of the PNA and the banners of a couple of charities.

shine in their absence, I do not know whether to disinterest or because they were not invited delegations from local schools at all levels, and a representative of the Church.

There is total absence media.

There are also some families of the deceased, including a woman, then girl, who by chance, having followed his father for some daily tasks, escaped the massacre of the entire family.

dell'eccidio arrive at the assessor to the local culture is the host, briefly recalling the facts. Then pass the word to politicians.

Home Source, meanwhile, a duo, devoted to guitar and singing on the resistance, he began his high-pitched warble and inappropriate, just as the commemoration entra nel vivo.

Inizia la Presidente del CC di Rùfina, improntando il suo breve intervento non tanto alla rievocazione storica, bensì all’umanità, al sudore e ai sacrifici di chi là viveva per poter vivere.

Poi, via via, si alternano gli interventi di altri politici locali, i quali, più che saper leggere la storia passata, traggono dai fatti accaduti reminescenze sulla situazione politica attuale, compresi alcuni abbinamenti (inverecondi) su chi intende assumere su di sé maggiore potere per poter decidere per tutti.

Il colore delle amministrazioni locali è ovvio; assai less reasoning and deductions policies.

None of the speakers, except for the prefectural representative (who also cites the book [3] and the testimony of a dear and kind my friend that still brings on himself the trauma, repressed unconscious of the tragic personal vision of the blood and the deaths), they adhere to the memory of the tragic event, the era and ideologies of his age, which led to the fatal conflict world.

Closes the local mayor, lucubrate organization and memory, on some random guesses policies and embellish their speech with two pearls simultaneous (speech therapy and syntactic) in the same verb, however, then repeated ... the pride of posterity.

Nobody, of course, mark the discourse on the ideology of 900, which led to the establishment of the various fascist and right to left (first Lenin and then Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco ... Castro, Tito), the weak and cachectic government of Léon Blum and Catholic ideology of individualism, which sought to deal with the theocracy phenomenological falsely individualistic basata sulla centralità della persona e sulla priorità della coscienza individuale, i totalitarismi del secolo scorso.

Nessuno “ sa ”, perché mi pare ovvio, citare le conseguenze sociali (ed economiche) della prima grande guerra statica di trincea, a cui si sostituisce la seconda, di veloce movimento per la motorizzazione degli eserciti e per l’aviazione, con tutto ciò che quest’evoluzione comporta nelle strategie e nella logistica.

Nessuno si addentra nelle modalità e nelle leggi guerresche, sulla responsabilità civile e nel buonsenso dei combattenti, il cui intento maggiore avrebbe dovuto be the protection of the defenseless population from possible retaliation, since the civil necessarily becomes a target between two fires.

Berceto, beyond the possible stories of betrayal, was one of those tragic events that involved the "innocent, guilty only to provide temporary accommodation to his neighbor.

You remember, commemorate, highlight and not with a political convention car celebration of local, almost narcissistic bridge of his being with tricolor flag, but the new generations and involving school children with the knowledge of history and ideology of that time and the consequences that that would, without looking forced, decades later, the totem of the scapegoat on which to him all the blame, especially if the totem is just biased.

Even in my hometown there were some deaths, and because there were a handful of "partisan" agreements "try" to stop a military column in the German retreat, and all armed point, against the order issued by the CNL to let her go, since it was already scheduled by aviation allied airstrikes in the same flat camuna and open Darfo.

as they did.

And he wanted to attack, by irresponsible amateurs, those very troops which had governed for two years at Monte Cassino the Allies, or other area in my memory now being blurred.

The brave men immediately fled from the mountain forests, the entire population was raked, there were two deaths among the Germans for a hand grenade that overthrew the first column of trucks, some of the people and burning houses ( including that of his maternal grandfather) from hand grenades.

The country was saved for the dedication archpriest and volunteers who offered themselves as hostages and shields civilians, which allowed the Germans to overcome the gauntlet of undisturbed Poltragno where there could be an attack.

Narration worthy that the same priest told me when I was a boy aloud.

Just as I seemed to understand, Pomino was saved by the mediation of a local priest who spoke German well, treated with the command and got the carnage only stopped at that fateful painful slaughter.

On the road that runs along the 42 facing many countries, those countries which, while crossed the German column, had neither dead nor any material damage.

So the question is imposed on the attackers and the attacked.

dig up the dark time that was not profitable, especially if you want to distinguish right from wrong, the hero from the executioner, the martyr dall'aguzzino.

Everyone fought for that, then and in his conscience, he claimed a right ideal.

In the North the Republic of Salò accentuated this tragic historical shift, opposing Republicans in addition to resistance to the Germans.

There were degeneration on both sides, particularly on the defenseless population, but here there was foresight and negotiation, he saved many lives.

The absence of a representative of the Church to the commemoration of civil Berceto (though the early morning church service) is something that I could not determine whether occasional or wanted. The fact is that a shortage is also important at the institutional level.

Because I believe that a simple blessing and a short prayer, at dell'eccidio of the baptized, not spoiled, then as not to disturb the solemn funerals of the victims where the entire population honor bestowed the right in its time.

The historical memory should not be shut down. It must, however, totally extinguish the hatred that has bloodied all our lands.

a hatred that no longer involves several actors, all gone now, of that dramatic period, but also our present society based on the opposition front.

And do remember to turn off the is important, but that memory is to understand why and how this happened not only in Berceto or many "Berceto" Italians, but throughout Europe and much of the world.

To do this you need to understand, learn and disseminate those philosophies and ideologies that led to this, both nationally and individually. Especially among the younger generation.

The story, as in the initial quote, not the law is only one part or a simple event, you read it in its entirety starting from the early signs and coming to the end.

And this desire to be in the mutual consent of the people and to understand the reasoning of others, even those who think like us.

An important note should be paid to the preservation of historic sites that not only saw those tragic events, but also the pages of history of everyday life, faith, life, culture, habits and solidarity.

And then the recovery of certain buildings, no matter to whom they belong today, is fundamental not only to remember, but to revive and enhance those values \u200b\u200binalienable, trampled and shattered by the abuse of some.

Because when a historical monument like the small town of Berceto is in total ruin, or as the oratory of Our Lady of Mount Caramel to the pit is abandoned to its tragic fate, then it is important to reiterate that no annual commemoration of image institutional can substantiate the sacrifice of innocent people or the work and ideals that have made our history.

And that especially the younger generation, primarily with the school, were always forgotten, as if the future and understanding the past is not a done them.

Ignoring the past is a great defect that leads, sooner or later, to repeat the same mistakes.

[1] - K. Habsburg - philosophy, sociology and ethics in our time - 1984

[2] - For the record by, the church being closed to the public for months to work consolidation that are slow to be played.

[3] - Rosetta Masini – Memorie di una bambina - 2007


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