Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Eh si....è da un po' che non tratto i pianeti del Sistema Solare, ma adesso mi rifarò e porterò finalmente a compimento, ciò che mi ero prefissa.
In effetti avevo già pronti gli abbozzi dei post nel cassetto, ma sono stata distratta da altre cose.
Io ho uno spirito libero e vado là dove mi porta il cuore in quel momento.
Non per niente ho chiamato questo blog "Il refuge for the soul ", a place to relax without any commitment, along with the things that I like.

Here we are at the third to last of the planets of our system, Uranus, named after the greek god of heaven, father Kronos and grandfather of Zeus.
It is the third-largest and has a particular characteristic, the axis of rotation is "lying" on the same orbital plane, this means that its rotation, instead of the future, as Most of the planets from west to east (and exclusively Venus rotates from east to west), go from the bottom 'up.
It rotates on its axis every 17 hours and 14 minutes and because of the speed of rotation has a swelling to 'equator.
Its orbit around the Sun is in 84 years.
Its axis is tilted by 98 °, which is why the Sun is visible at the zenith and the equator to the poles.
poles alternating light and 42 to 42 years of darkness.
It has a characteristic green color, because it is composed of clouds of methane, which absorbs red light.
Its interior is different from the other gas planets, previously treated, being composed mainly of water, methane, ammonia and rock, rather than liquid hydrogen.
Its surface is almost devoid of structures supeficiali, has only a few clouds clear.
is surrounded by 11 thin rings, separated by large voids, and 17 satellites, which are also very visible part of Titania, which has magnitude 14.
When the sky is clear and serene, you can find Uranus with the naked eye, when it is at its brightest, but even this was only discovered in 1781 by the English W. Herschel.

soon for the next planet Neptune

Hello .... ;-)

Photo Source: http://www.castfvg.it/sistsola/urano/urano.htm


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