Sunday, March 13, 2011

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A policy, economy, democracy and freedom, very narrow. The truth

The events of recent days, including within the EU, revealed at the same time confirmed the usual inconsistency of the Union of peoples in Europe, where there are not only recognition of political and economic shared but these are not even drafted.

The uprisings operated more or less the Maghreb have shown that wherever they can succeed, especially if some countries are more than friends (for business) of others in the international arena.

ironic take on the significance of the geographical term it could be said that the tramonto non è uniforme ovunque.

Delle manifestazioni popolari islamiche non si parla quasi più; e la giornata della collera lanciata e proclamata da tempo via Internet in Arabia Saudita per l’ 11 marzo non ha visto muovere la coda neppure al … gatto del re.

Perciò molto peggio dei piccoli e timidi assembramenti di piazza avvenuti in precedenza in Iran e in Cina: non è proprio stata neppure abbozzata.

I padroni del vapore (governanti arabi) saranno pure tutti over 75 years, but the international registries today a new critical point would be difficult to manage, not only for the repression of political behavior, but for the economic consequences on raw materials.

Saudi Arabia, in fact, is now supporting the market with its immense oil reserves, so calmed the price to compensate for the lack of production as well as Libya. Now would be a destabilizing global suicide.

Oil has gone up and if it stabilizes around $ 120 a barrel the weak and shaky Western economies plunged into recession as well severe than previously experienced.

Therefore jasmine revolution has faded, because otherwise would be serious trouble for everyone: for Western economic implosion that would see the spectrum of their sovereign debt and the Islamic Financial, which have invested almost entirely their income into the West.

Maybe this only for the popular and revolutionary movements more or less peaceful in the Islamic world are stupid?

... The suspicion is strong.

International diplomacy, in spite of self-determination of peoples, has already decided that Gaddafi (while being invisible to almost everyone) if they should go, but has not provided as, since it was thought that the uprising of some of the people was sufficient.

If you add that some ill-timed statements about his likely indictment to the Hague Court for humanitarian crimes, they closed the door to possible talks about an exile of guaranteed immunity, is well understood that it was precipitate a crisis into a black hole.

So after media pressure ventilated a direct action on the no fly zones and economic sanctions, now, to pry, you will have to operate with a direct military intervention, it is unthinkable that a minority of the Libyan population, although supported and fed by others, can succeed against the majority of people (tribes) still loyal to the rais.

But Iraq, Afghanistan and other war scenarios similar, which led many countries to be cautious and only do for now, the big voice.

Some representatives bombers embark on reconnaissance, taking care not to expose themselves too much threatened bombing targeted yes, direct intervention ... ni.

But the bombings to be successful should be expanded and carpet, so the hypothetical reason you go to dead wrong because they involve the population.

This does not solve the problem, because even with no air force, the insurgents would not have an easy time against Gaddafi, and then the power should operate against the guerrillas likely.

A little thought, though at different times, fly to the war in Algeria, to this day because they assume it would be interesting to see who to favor, seeks bomb France.

Sarkosy Maybe ...?

How many other nations should now bombard to defend freedom and democracy that others do not want to like us?

We desperately want an alternative on the horizon do not exist.

course, direct intervention by the West on the battlefield, despite the media hype helped as well upon the agreement of the Arab League and the UN, it would be unpopular with the Islamic world that already has similar operations undigested earlier elsewhere, as well as to those Westerners who have already left too many victims and leave elsewhere.

would be too difficult to explain to the public why a government so far peaceful (when not considered a friend) in the ratio of trade and political and suddenly became despotic and disposed of.

Some Arab governments (Syria in particular), moreover, already putting their hands on for the near future that could see them predestined victims of similar situations, they begin to be in their Realpolitik , neighbors Libyan Al Rais.

The insurgents, therefore, will not have an easy life, and if not we will proceed differently as will Pisacane : were 300, they were young and strong and died .

companies continue to downgrade the ratings of sovereign debt of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain, together with sovereign wealth funds and major financial institutions of individual countries.

This means that the crisis is far from over and that you deal with this today.

The ECB ( Trichet ), inoltre, considerato che il prezzo del barile sale, teme l’inflazione e a breve progetta di aumentare i tassi, dimenticando i danni strutturali che l’aumento precedente ha creato e polverizzando la già stanca (debole) economia occidentale. Non per nulla l’ Euribor ha già iniziato a salire.

Aumentarli non è solo aggiungere altri rilevanti oneri finanziari alle aziende già in sofferenza, che però comunque reggono a fatica attualmente il mercato, ma significa pure gravare di imponenti ulteriori tasse i bilanci nazionali, perché l’innalzamento del tasso avrà una conseguenza immediata sugli interessi pagati sui titoli: maggior tasso, più spese, più tagli e più oneri per bilanciare il rapporto debito/Pil. E, anche, più inflazione e disoccupazione!

Ed in una congiuntura economica estremamente debole significherà togliere grandi risorse agli investimenti, necessari sia per la ristrutturazione industriale, sia per lo welfare, sia per il rilancio dell’economia.

In Italia si sta investendo oltre 20 mld di € sull’energia alternativa e rinnovabile (fotovoltaico, eolico …).

Però si prevede di coprire solo circa 2% of national demand by 2020. More than a disappointing and unsuccessful outcome for the investment.

With the same amount used in nuclear cover rather than 50% of national demand.

The Japanese earthquake, waiting for more precise scientific data, highlighted the risk of nuclear power, but it must be said that we have such a destructive power would be impossible to reach, considering that experts say indicate that 30 000 times than home-made (in comparison) that hit the Eagle.

not because the power that can develop faults Mediterranean has a chance of reaching such a magnitude that does not exist.

The economy needs cheap energy, but for years it is going in the opposite direction. Suffice it to say that for more than two decades we have no national energy plan, which was destroyed at its rising from instrumental and partisan referendum on nuclear power.

The Libyan crisis, being dependent on Italy for third in the oil from that country, if a civil war will continue into the medium-term serious problems for the industry and the national economy.

However, even if it is short e se si concludesse con la permanenza (vittoria) di Gheddafi, porrà grosse complicazioni di costi perché è più che naturale che il rais libico rimetta in discussione tutti gli accordi sottoscritti con l’Europa dopo essere stato scaricato da questa.

Il terremoto non crea mai vittime umane; le creano invece le case che crollano sulle persone o lo tsunami che ne segue, perché l’uomo costruisce spesso per comodità e convenienza in zone che possono subire ingenti conseguenze da questi cataclismi.

Pure la democrazia e la libertà dei popoli non crea morti, ma li porta seco la degenerazione that freedom and democracy produce.

In Islamic culture is not valued the concept of reciprocity , without which democracy and freedom can not exist.

The Tunisian and Egyptian regime have given way to another, but the fighting social, cultural and religious rather than sopirsi tend to encourage more every day.

Pure landings of North African immigrants are included, and this means that freedom and democracy not only trumpeted by the Western media have not been able to render them useless, but that the absence of a strong government will ha incentivati.

Le imperfette democrazie occidentali non hanno ancora creato l’antivirus necessario ad evitare gravi tensioni interne: crisi politiche, economiche e sociali; perciò non trovano di meglio che esportarle esternamente proprio là dove una cultura diversa necessita di un “ regime democratico ” che faccia da totem per risolvere i tabù.

In campo finanziario si abusa spesso dei tassi in situazioni eccezionali come l’attuale, fidando nel fatto che questi sono utili a calmierare costi e consumi in un periodo normale.

The problem is widespread especially if the ECB and the Fed have injected huge amounts of € bn and $ to support banks and sovereign bonds, however, disregarding the re-establishment of securities markets to purge them from the global wild speculation, by-products, by toxic securities from the improper trading on commodities.

Need a new way of doing business and investing, based on its being rooted in the territory and on an environmentally sustainable development.

The crisis of '29 led to a bloody world war. The current signs do not lead to much optimism.

Forse sarà una guerra diversa dalle precedenti: una guerra che porterà con sé, facendole implodere, le degenerazioni dei debiti sovrani, spinti ormai ad una linea di non ritorno nella ricerca ossessiva di un possibile benessere solo economico fondato sul consumismo sfrenato.


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