Thursday, May 6, 2010

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unique experience

Public clear and simple words with which his friend Leonardo Pierini wants to share his excitement of teaching Taekwondo for children. In addition I would just invite you to click here to read the article that was published a few days ago from New Corriere di Firenze "on the Project Fun / Sport Taekwondo Florence that the Centre has carried out in collaboration with the Circle 11 Teaching of Florence. And 'the moments experienced during this project that includes Leonardo, Good Reading!

'A unique experience "

has opened a door in my life that teaching children in elementary schools in La Pira, and Boccaccio was a unique experience.
At first I was very doubtful about my ability to manage an ongoing demonstration of Taekwondo to children, from the beginning, the project does not thrill me much, so I tried to bring me the homework to a minimum by taking the "leftovers" of lessons that were left after first choices of the other instructors involved in this project. So I started alongside Edward in the first lesson to The school Pira. But now the daunting task of managing 50 children at one time, prompted me to continue with more enthusiasm in this magnificent adventure.

The children seemed extremely interested in the lessons immediately and their sincerity was the ingredient so that it might just outside the classroom of life. Then, even the teachers with their blandishments and their compliments on our classes have filled my heart with joy. The confirmation of success in my efforts to convey my passion for the sport came when the little Federico, to whom I taught at La Pira, after a lesson in the Gym Stadium, I was greeted with great happiness, so much so that its simplicity has sent me a thank you for having made known to a sport he likes, like the sport of his life ... an emotion so strong for me to tears to my eyes. Special thanks to Dominic because he was the one who caused all this to happen.
Leonardo Pierini "

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