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What Are Some Quotes With Place In It?

West (4165).

Pennine Alps.
Alps Monte Rosa.
Chain Breithorn - Lyskamm.

Breithorn Occidentale

Download GPS tracks.

As usual, I enclose the usual branded for your GPS, although to be honest this track is not very relevant, given the obvious path that must be followed in the back, first the ski slopes, then reached the plateau of the Plateau Breithorn is well in view of the impending mountains.

But the GPS is still an important tool, because even if the weather were to change rapidly and we were enveloped in the clouds, once there it came to ice on the plateau of the Plateau, we could be in trouble wrapped in white blanket of snow.

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Breithorn The West (4165).


Breithorn The West is a snowy peak, the highest point of the chain of Breithorn.

If even one of the 4000 is the easiest of our Alps is one of the most popular.

easy and popular addition to the "normal way", although other routes offer many interesting climbs, like the north ridge known as the "Triftjigrat" and crossing the ridge starting from the Black Rock who is also one of the most interesting itineraries in the region.


1st ascent: Henry Maynard Couttet with Joseph Marie, Jean and Jean Jacques Babtiste Erin Jean Gras, May 13, 1813.

1, Winter A. Burcher, J. Seiler and M. Stockalper, January 21, 1888.

2 ° in winter to ski up to Colle del Breithorn H. Biehly, R. Helbling and E. Wagner, 6 January 1899.


The Breithorn is the classic climb to 4000 to be carried out during the day, as the ski resorts of Cervinia or Zermatt lead a few hours' walk from the summit. Obviously, you decide to do this hike when the plants are in operation, otherwise you have to do as I did that I started from Cervinia ski with you feet, going for more than four hours the ski slopes, before reaching the Gray Head , where it comes from the Italian cable car. However, it is still a great workout for those who feel like it. "

parked the car in the parking lot below the tracks, then we go on the slopes to the east, that is our right looking at the Theodulpass and begin the climb.

we go up the slopes as square as possible, to avoid extending the path, "As it is long." We will pass the Lake Goillet , where you can admire the large dam. Obviously, if you decide to start using the skis, it will be obvious that the lake is still covered with ice.

The slopes are icy in the morning, best to use crampons for skis, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, the slopes do not enjoy the landscape, and only Monte Cervino stands out in the sky in the first rays of sunshine that light up on the east wall.

Going back and see the cable car station at Plateau Rosa at this point we can only imagine that a direct line between our point and gray text. I surrender to a few hundred meters of the tracks to cut. The last part, played on the road is very steep, it is necessary to make several reversals before reaching the Plateau.

Grey-headed salt is still the tracks to broad plateau between Klein Matterhorn and Hump Rollin . A wide track leads to the Breithorn Hill (3826), where he faces the wide, gradually and increasingly steep slope of south-west. After reaching the ridge south-west follow it briefly to the peak.


On sunny days the view is exceptional, west admire the beautiful pyramid of the Matterhorn , east of the Monte Rosa and Lyskamm instead to the north-west you can see: The Dent Blanche, the Zinalroton , Obergabelhorn and Weisshorn . In the north-east, admire the Mischabel and Rimpfisschhorm .


Monte Cervino (7)

view of the Matterhorn.

Diga del lago Goillet

Goillet Lake.

Plateau Rosà (2)

Rifugio Guide del Cervino.

Piccolo Cervino

Klein Matterhorn.

Breithorn Plateau (4)

Plateau Breithorn.

Breithorn Plateau

The Breithorn.

Vetta del Breithorn Occidentale (4)

Top of Breithorn.


Weather Forecasting.


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