Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Good Vibrations

"... .. this year was very nice, we have removed a lot of satisfaction, it was a year of good vibes, is not it?" ... this is what I said an emotional and sweaty Lorenzo Balsimelli completion of examination for junior and senior colored belts, which were held Sunday afternoon, July 4 the Gym Stadium.

Lorenzo Yes you are right, this year was very challenging, but how much energy and enthusiasm in all of us. As he unveiled the Grand Master Domenico in his "Letter to members" (from the Gospel according Mazzocca - 8, 35), such as forgetting Anthony Cappello gold and bronze in the absolute Pauline Bacciu Seniors, our hours of intense promotion in primary schools in Florence, the commitment of so many comrades who have achieved the coveted black belt, the infectious activity of new friends - adults and children - who have started this year to attend our dojan. How much pride in all those with the pennant dobok Tkd of Florence and much love for the discipline is able to convey to all of us Domenico. It 'difficult to describe in words these good vibrations, but to give you an idea, rather than an examination that the other day was a feast indeed! The meeting was fixed at 16.00 to the gym, in the middle of summer drought. The idea of \u200b\u200bexams on Sunday is good because the gym is all for us and we can handle spaces as you like.

I ndossati dobok the very hot we were all lined up in 2 rows, the black belts (examiners) in front of the colored belts (examinees) to act as a wing Sabonim Mazzocca that before starting the tests has addressed to us all that is remembered as the "AFA sermon" (Domenico 15:1-24), in which he recalled how in Taekwondo strengthens the sense of universal harmony and peace among people and in our own little sense of "brotherhood" among all of us in the team Tkd Fi. Then, with short, rapid hand gestures, without uttering a word, divided us into groups of examiners, and I have been chosen to evaluate the forms, together with the same Balsimelli Lorenzo, Simone and Elisa, fresh black belts who have played with great seriousness the their task. I have to say that all examinees have been good, let me mention a few that impressed me most of all: Samantha and Vieri, who were approached by their children and Taekwondo are looking with great humility and commitment to follow in the footsteps of their children, thus making a path reverse course .. congratulations you have been really good, get involved with curiosity in my opinion the true elixir of youth (fuck the botox). Another positive surprise was the friend of Oleg Siena, which had always gone during exams clicked forms for excessive emotionality, but this time he made two good Taeguk without interruption, although sweating like a gorilla in the mist (in the gorillaz mist). Even in the cracks of the boards has improved a lot in the first crack at the exams testate al grido di “porca matrioska!!”, mentre ieri le ha demolite con i piedi, dopo averli forgiati immergendoli in una pentola di olio bollente misto a vodka. Poi voglio dare il benvenuto nel team a due nuove amiche, Barbara e Carlotta, che hanno iniziato a frequentare la nostra palestra da poche settimane ma hanno avuto il coraggio di affrontare l’esame e sono state premiate con la cintura gialla. Carlotta ha un breve trascorso nel karate e lo si è visto nel selvaggio ed efficace modo con cui ha affrontato in combattimento la nostra eccellente cintura rossa Roberta e la urlatrice della trinacria Alessia Mool1, con cui ha scambiato fraterne mazzate, sempre però col sorriso sulle labbra in segno di simpatia and mutual respect. I mean, if they are roses. ... These three girls may give us the satisfactions of combat in future tournaments.

No more exams Domenico has made everyone sit to begin the BLACK BELT FANTASMAGORIC SHOW ™ will likely bring on tour to the peninsula in autumn . They began with Paul Bacciu Yacoub and a fight without protection and then without sinking shots, a beautiful momdollyo-chage that both have simultaneously stopped the other one on the right ear, ripping a widely applauded by all. To me these guys, although young, are a great example of commitment and humility, Florence will follow them with special affection and sympathy to the next senior of Italian Championship in November 2010 at the Mandela Forum. By the way, dear friends of the TKD Florence all we will be particularly involved in this very important event, we all be ready to give our contribution Domenico just ask us to give him a hand for the success. The only thing I ask you, Dommy oh, is this: If you were to propose to fetch the Master Park Young Ghil station please let me have a 5-door car or scooter to go there, you understand why (See blog May 2009). The second exhibition was the form (Poomsae) Koryo performed perfectly in sync, and Simona Elisa, shiny and beautiful in their new dobok black belt. They're super because they have tried for the first time synchronization of form 10 minutes before you run it, perfect. Among other things, two girls were very good even during the recent examination by a black belt last month and have done so well Taeguk that have been held at the Tuscany Representative Forme ... another satisfaction for our team!

The show continued with the breaking of the tablets (the harder ones) by, among others, Leo Pierini (break three boards with different techniques), Alessandro Ponzanelli (a kick shot in the air) and Paul Bacciu who performed a difficult to break with the tablet is 3 meters above the ground, having given up the momentum by relying on a partner, stuff to scream! The show ended with the break made by Dommy, who chopped a front kick in flight with a tablet held up to 2.5 meters above the ground by resting on the shoulders of Pedro Balsimelli.

Gym in the afternoon ended with the immediate reading by Dommy results and subsequent delivery of new belts for all examinees, all promoted and happy. Greetings and good luck to the young man who greeted Andrea moved to September because the group will begin graduate studies in a prestigious University of Milan, the passion and vitality that you have shown in these few months of Taekwondo you will surely be useful in Milanese hard exams, remember when all of us in a few years you will be the Minister of Finance of the 25th ... Berlusconi government.

The beautiful day ended the evening in a pizzeria, where she consumed the terrible rite of chili it seems that this time they were just extra-hot! All colored belts were subjected to this gauntlet, but also the new black belts have undergone the same treatment, with pepper and spoon away .. ... during this ritual is something learned from success. Alessandro Ponzanelli, recently graduated from a black belt and esaltatissimo for this, he lost control and called loudly, in the name of democracy, to eat the chili also ... Sovereign Master Dommy who did not bat an eyelid and reconditioned all of us in the name of democracy, the choice to eat chili with him or Ponzanelli. The only one to raise his hand against Dominic was just Ponzanellus, which is was then run over by show of hands when it came to vote against him. The novel Spartacus turned around and saw that even confused by the nearby tables had raised their hands entire families, school groups, church groups, all united against Ponzanellus. Looking up to heaven, saw that even the pigeons on the trees had raised its wings and even cookies, docile american bull terrier of Carlotta, had raised both front paws as a sign of contempt. Alexander, realizing only then that silence is golden at times, it was nicely put for the second time in a few minutes a rite of chili ... terrible! But as in all things, yin and yang are balanced, the negative always has a positive side and vice versa. The forced ingestion of so much chili has had a wonderful effect in VIAGRA Alexander, who immediately phoned his girlfriend and winking at you hastily dismissed dall'agape walking legs close together. ... There are witnesses who tell of Gregorian chants in a falsetto voice and long grunts animalistic from an apartment that night ....

Happy holidays to all, see you in September !

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