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Team WTF in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence

was a long time that I was the goose bumps.
I got it in the afternoon August 27, when I saw the show WTF Demonstration Team in action in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, was the first time that this team has played in our city and our whole movement is a source of great pride and satisfaction .
But rewind the tape and let's start from the beginning.

This event took shape only at the beginning of August, taking advantage of the fact that the WTF team was in Italy to perform in the province of L'Aquila for the earthquake victims, the Fita and Domenico have seen fit to extend their stay in the beautiful country of Korea and get them to come to Florence, on even and especially the promotion of Absolute Senior Championships to be held at the Mandela Forum 20 e 21 Novembre. Insomma, anche stavolta Dommy ha dovuto organizzare un evento importante in tempi strettissimi, in un periodo dell’anno particolare e con poche persone a disposizione per farsi aiutare. Infatti Egli ha dovuto interrompere la sua vacanza con una settimana di anticipo per tenere le fila con Comune di Firenze, Fita e WTF, io ho dato il mio piccolo contributo come ufficio stampa e ci è andata di lusso; “La Nazione” ha dedicato all’esibizione un quarto di pagina con foto nell’uscita del 25 Agosto.

La mattina di venerdì 27 ho inforcato la mia bici e mi sono avviato verso Piazza Santa Croce, dove mi ero dato appuntamento con Dommy. Mentre pedalavo nelle strette e fresche stradine del centro rimuginavo on how beautiful Florence, on how we could treat her better and emotion that the athletes would try WTF in performing in a place so steeped in history and meanings. What a coincidence Dominic was the phone on the steps of the Basilica, to the right of the statue of Dante, the great poet, and now I am back to mind the opening lines of canto XXXV, Circle X, the fifth area, where they are confined to the organizers of events last Friday in August:

to downstairs so I turned to the left,
beheld Mazzocca bound to the cell
elegant dress with a white camisa, but spoke

with someone that angry face ...
said: Master, why do you complain you?
glad you were not a esta esibitione?
Yes, but you do not know Castagna,

ere took off from the sea and is a lion ...

For those who do not remember, the penalty to which they are condemned for eternity these organizations is really terrible, even Dante seems to tremble when he wrote, dressed like Lele Mora, tied together with a very long phone cord, two Motorola first generation in vibrating mode under my bare feet, they are forced to call the number for the eternity of the press office City Council (for eternity that will only respond via voice mail or answering machine ...) at the maximum rate of TIM. The monthly charge is cc bank, then you can not escape ....
As soon as I recovered from this high school and went back in my memory, along with Dommy we went to visit a small gym in the city square where 15 athletes in the team would carry out the heating, the water was there, the showers worked , everything OK. Then we went to the restaurant to set the good fellas Romans who were mounting the stage for the 12x12 mat. It was not easy to refuse to fix them lunch and dinner, her face resembled that of most recommendable for a moment before Tyson bite Holyfield's ear, the head of the good guys were called "the Pope" because it gave the orders in 16 different languages, Benedict XVI miss the blessing urbi et orbi. Carried these small practices, Sunday and leave for Florence South to accommodate the bus WTF, President Dr. Cito Fita and coach and member of the Federal Commission of shapes World WTF Master Park Young Ghil, that I personally revere all ... ran smoothly and we then gathered in the afternoon around 17.00, two hours before the show. Meanwhile Dominic would accompany the group at the hotel, restaurant and made them do a tour of downtown Florence. To thank him for the kindness and commitment that has always characterized the Korean team has made a gift that Dominic has moved: a black belt signed by Supreme Leader of the WTF, Chungwon Dr. Chou.
Patrick and I, before going to the Square we moved from our dojan for taking the caps with the colors of Taekwondo Center Florence to give to great athletes, to return humbly thought. At about 18.00
the 15 Koreans have begun to warm the stage directly in the Square, a gathering crowd of onlookers instantly around the barricades. Slowly I began to see many friends of TKD Florence, the Badia al Pino Taekyon of Montecatini Tkd of Tkd Apuania, to name just the ones I recognized. The emotion was very strong for us all, the spectacular setting of the event (Piazza Santa Croce at sunset is beautiful to behold) and the expectation of the event made us vibrate with energy. The first thing that struck me the 15 events (both men and women) and the exile of the physical, but is this a feature that makes their performance. Not long in coming as well.
At 19.00, on time and after a brief presentation started the rumba. Broken tablets with techniques of flight kicks in spectacular kick shot, kicking blindfolded, fake kicks, kicks and kicks taken, kick to break apples and cucumbers posti sulla testa o sulla punta della katana (spada), forme coreografiche bellissime, finti agguati con coltello e pistola neutralizzati con calci e schiaffi mirati alle gengive…ogni calcio - soprattutto quelli che rompevano tavolette poste anche a 5 (cinque – five ) metri da terra - strappava a tutto il pubblico dei meravigliati “ooohhhh”, dietro me ho sentito anche turisti francesi gridare “ullallà”, tedeschi rossi in viso esclamare “wunderbar!!” Ed anche una famiglia di pellerossa Cherokee applaudendo ha urlato “ estiqaatsi !”
Uno spettacolo vero e proprio, curato nei minimi particolari, frutto di ore ed ore di allenamento e prove. In una parola: Great! Take a tour on You Tube looking wtf
demonstration team ... I am impressed with one thing in particular: the kiap. Only last night I realized what a true kiap; to be understood, we do the urletto confronted with them can be compared to the voice (voice?) Vs. the Zero. that of Metallica, the tones in question are the same ... I'll try to improve that, too, no doubt.
In the end, the applause, the show is over stretched and Florence the first shadows of evening. Were 50 minutes of incredible intensity and both Dominic Young Ghil Park thanked from the stage those present, recalling the positive values \u200b\u200bof our scheme and 'autumn event with the Florentine Absolute Seniors.
short, a more pleasant afternoon of sport Taekwondo, and which perhaps is not only participation in "natural" personality of the city, even though the city still has to be thanked for having given the availability of space (and space).
However it must be said that the public - many tourists - were numerous, and 1,000,000 people according Mazzocca, 300/400 persons according to the police station. On these figures are now set off a controversy and as usual the truth is a bit 'in the middle ... ..
Until next time, Now we start to train and prepare the event of the Nelson Mandela Forum!

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