Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gum Grafting With Alloderm

Poems on the mountain.

Monviso which is reflected on the waters of Lake Florence.
Il Monviso che si specchia sulle acque del lago Fiorenza.


Dropped from Punta Traversette.
Calata da Punta Traversette

La Montagna

Poems from the book "1947-2007 Sixty years of love for the mountains" Barge of the Italian Alpine Club.

Notes from Igor:
considered that the sentences of this post and the image was copied from the book in question, I declare, to the authors of the book, that if you reserve the rights of copyright, leave a note in the comments of the blog and the post will be deleted immediately.
I repeat that if I posted this page on my blog is because I share your belief in a real way for the mountains and I want that other people outside your circle can live these emotions.
Nothing is done for profit. IN WITNESS WHEREOF
Igor Alba


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