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Masterbate With Pillow

La Grande Aiguille Rousse. The Breithorn

Valli di Lanzo and Haute Maurienne.
Levanna Chain-Aiguille Rousse.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

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La Grande Aiguille Rousse.


touring Aiguille Rousse.

Warning! The road leading to Col Nivolet, in winter, is closed for snow and usually remains closed to Chiapili, at least until May 15 this year, was evacuated to Lake Serrù June 2.

E 'can be traced back even leaving your car at Chiapili, but you have to add at least two more hours of climbing, and also to find the appropriate conditions to the' Aiguille, you should carry your skis on their shoulders for more than two hours, as the event is advisable in the spring.

Difficulty: BSA. Corda, ice ax and crampons.

Difference from Lake Serrù: 1240 m. even if it has a large drop, the event is quite long, but if we start from Chiapili of Under the 1825 m altitude becomes

Rise Time: 5 or 7.5 hours, although I'm not a fan of timing, I'd say it depends on the conditions that meet the ride can vary by an hour or so.

period: April, May and June.

Display: north then east.

Map: IGC 25000 No. 102.

Technical Note: Some features require a little steep, snow-covered and secure.

Environment tab: varied path that reaches the peaks of the Vanoise National park, very broad panorama from the top on the Gran Paradiso and the peaks of the Maurienne.

Report of the path. From

Pont Canavese, go up the SP50 or the Valle Orco Locana , leading to the Col Nivolet , pass Ceresole Royal, where is located the eponymous lake, the Chiapili , just past the shelter Guido Muzio, road gradient and increases in a series of switchbacks to get to Lake Serrù . Under the High Dam, there is great square where you can park several cars. From the dam to go up a couple of turns until signpost for Refuge Pian della Ballotta and Colle della Losa . We

north along Lake Serrù to Rifugio Pian della Ballotta at this point, we must consider, depending on snow conditions it is better to go up the steep gully, or arrive at the shelter and take the path that goes from the roof equipped .

rose from the east to the Pian Ballotta, surely it is time to put on skis and skins and climb up to the amphitheater of ice Losa, here again, we must decide, from the back if snow conditions direct the maximum slope, or to practice the way of the ridge, in both cases we arrive at the Pass of the Cow on the Glacier des Sources de l'Isere.

arrived on the glacier, we are at the foot of the Top Cow, with a marvelous mountain top, to the north descended the snowy slopes towards the Parc National de la Vanoise , but we have to go back south to the north wall / east of the Aiguille Rousse .

E 'can also derive from the north, but we pass from the normal side just behind the north-west, and any attention to the glacier crevasses, but we have found it in excellent condition. The last stretch ends on the west ridge that leads to the summit.

The descent follows the same route, someone comes down the north wall, although it is considered the limit of extreme skiing, someone else comes down from the south and then return to Lake Serrù, from Chariot.


Grande Aiguille Rousse

few cars in the parking lot adjacent to the beginning of the path.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

Serrù Dam and Lake.

Grande Aiuguille Rousse

Ascent of the channel leading to the Pian Ballotta.

Grande Aiuguille Rousse

Pian della Ballotta.

Grande Aiuguille Rousse

Via equipped Hut Ballotta.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

Climbing the slopes of Glacier Losa.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

Passo della Vacca.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

Top Cow.

25°Corso di Alpinismo

Glacier des Sources de l'Isere. View the Aiguille Rousse.

Grande Aiguille Rousse

On top of the Grande Aiguille Rousse.


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