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The myth of top managers, high finance and Christianity.

The events in the economic and financial center of this last period often pose major ethical questions of legality, especially if cataloged in a world where most people "snatch "is more capable, so good and worthy of respect.

We have managers who receive more than one month in all their employees, or who have million dollar severance pay equal to the (TFR) - as recently - about 5 000 employees of the same company.

If we add that the management of certain societies pose a corporate restructuring that includes thousands of redundancies, then the legality of such remuneration is more contradictory, especially if the recipient beneficiary is declared as a Christian, and partly , is the very cause of having to redecorate.

The same can be reserved for the political roots of the Catholic analyzing whose annual income (public) there is a continuous upward growth. From my observations I found that all politicians start at normal income prior to their election to Parliament, and then shoot up in a continuous way, the way that their career is prolonged in time. This, of course, not counting its benefits and lucrative parliamentary allowance, which, being considered as such, is not part of income is commonly known, therefore subject to ordinary taxation.

I used the lemma not snatch at random, because it is well suited also to the conduct of the Christian today: political, manager or entrepreneur who is.

Leo XIII [1] stated over a century ago: there is no real solution to the "social issue" out of the Gospel. Although, by the way, out of the Gospel there is also common sense, civil justice and fairness.

And social question arises in the first place the great disparities in treatment tra il vertice (imprenditore, manager) e la base lavorativa, perché l’entità di persona include una parità esistenziale, anche se non di trattamento per la responsabilità, il rischio, l’impegno e la capacità individuale.

Tuttavia simili divergenze attuali sono anacronistiche, considerato che in certi casi un anno di emolumenti dirigenziali supera di gran lunga l’intera vita lavorativa di una persona normale, quella che, per intenderci, il predetto pontefice indicava sotto la voce classista di proletariato .

Ipotizzando un dipendente con un salario netto di 1.500 € mensili per 40 anni di lavoro, aggiungendo pure il Tfr si possono sfiorare emolumenti complessivi di 850.000 €, ben lungi dalla scandalosa buonuscita in questi giorni citata di 40 mln di €, specie se prima contrattata, come pare, dai vari avvocati di controparte.

Sempre Leone XIII affermava, nella stessa enciclica, che lo Stato debba garantire il meno abbiente, giacché il benestante si difende già da sé con l’abbondanza delle risorse disponibili.

Egli, infatti, aggiungeva: … poiché si può affermare con verità che il lavoro degli operai è quello che produce la ricchezza Member ; and, I add, also that of businesses.

therefore noted that the increasing wealth for some, but contrasted the poverty of many.

were different times, of course, and there were still existing trade unions ( corporation established themselves as social law and also Christian Association and defense ) nor the current welfare.

Some popes his successors elaborated, taking similar concepts with the times, hints of which can be seen in Populorum Progressio of Paul VI in Laborem ecercens , Sollicitudo Rei Socialis and Centesimus Annus of John Paul II, as well as in Caritas in Veritate of Benedict XVI .

The ideas expressed in the encyclical also can be partial, because perfectly with the passage of time.

However, it is interesting to note that one of the main pillars of social life (and Christianity) is indicated by different terms in various encyclicals on the subject: friendship in Rerum Novarum , solidarity in Sollicitudo rei socialis and Centesimus Annus , civilization of love in Populorum Progressio , going well in Pio XI indicated that, nei suoi insegnamenti, come carità sociale .

E, paradossalmente, il termine usato da Leone XIII equivale a quella linea filosofica classica che viene esplicata nella filosofia greca pagana, prima platonica ( Dialoghi di Socrate ) e poi aristotelica, giungendo fino alla scolastica dopo essere passata per Plotino.

Filosofia che non a caso illuminò il teismo paolino e l’origine stessa del pensiero cristiano.

Posso solo annotare che, socialmente, amicizia ben si addice al vivere civile, perché questo vocabolo indica l’essere together on some common interests that bring into, and there is nothing more important in human existence that the pool among all, the lives of everyone and therefore the mutual dignity of a decent, if you want be people and not just the community.

Personally I am much more in tune to the motto of Pius XI, because charity should be the social ideal and a Catholic who leads the Christian in his earthly life: the first commandment of civil life, what makes see in Proximus (who around us), Jesus / God as a person, which gives us eternally repeating in his own creation (Gen. 1:27).

commendable and also the statement of Paul VI - civilization of love - because he wanted to Christianity as a part of society, the party with their own culture, and charity is proof (should be) the light of civilization.

But the conceptual approach of the different variants of the popes has significant social, analyzing which can be discovered or a secular vision of the phenomenological and social problem and therefore also for religious reflection (John Paul II and Benedict XVI) or a truly Christian vision of society (Leo XIII, Pius XI and Paul VI).

And certainly there is the phenomenological concept of an identity crisis, roughly recognizable in that overt taxation also a social, rather than in that witness with his own perseverance in being a Christian charity of love: to proclaim the law without regard to that this should be supported and won the respect of the duty.

And, as often happens, the right door to blame the duty to the community, deprived the individual (top or base) from being implicated as a Samaritan.

And some slips of church leaders, including legal character of law, both in criminal and in the financial, seem to confirm what might be called the theocracy of the phenomenological law, and transcendental wisdom.

Unicredit The story, despite the magnificent manager by many, especially the left, is anything but, in my humble opinion of an outside observer, the emblem of 'financial efficiency and the correct procedures.

As some economists have observed long ago, is the result of globalization: of that wildly myth to expand and join to become great, without much analysis of the pros and cons, often relying on debt beyond legality logic.

Unicredit and become the fourth largest banking group in Europe, but a group with shortness of breath which wiped out profits in a short time, involved huge capital without drawing the right construct, and always looking (desperately) for new capital (Libyan petrodollars).

On the situation of this institution many months ago I had mentioned in some articles.

have been used in the banking sector to Tremonti bonds, the bonds are issued and bonds to cover other expiring, was created huge overstaffed and has required a major restructuring of the structural system.

If you add the international institute that has gone to too much risk by investing in Eastern Europe (former communist countries), pointing out only as far as is known, and perhaps non-performing loans too bad, then the overall strategy is not the best.

Nothing objectionable, therefore, that the shareholders - banking foundations with Cariverona in the head - have given marching orders to those who have strongly supported such a situation is created.

The banking foundations have arisen as a result of a good law: the 218, commonly called Amato Act.

The State, in fact, failing for the continued growth of sovereign debt many funds available, has encouraged the " private (financial institutions) would create companies such non-profit organization, designed to finance social projects or artistic otherwise could not have been carried out, or associations with a range of important social volunteering.

Banks, which normally have interests with each other, have in part, together with other local public entities as well, moved its corporate acquisitions in the foundations, with the proceeds of dividends received, net of expenses, is then poured the territory in which they are radicalized.

In this way we will maintain control of the shareholding structure of reference and powers, preserves and develops the land.

The collapse of the profits of Unicredit, in fact, dismantled their territories attributable to significant resources, so that development and recovery. In practice has made substantial equity investments unprofitable.

And comparing the foundations to the papal thought, this fits in with that concept layman, albeit a Christian roots of solidarity of John Paul II, or the philanthropic sector that drives some lay people.

This solidarity, however, was frustrated by the globalization of Unicredit (and many other manufacturing companies even) at that tactical focus growth in multinational distorting the initial set-up service in the area, varying the radicalization in frantic search of possible gains and favorable locations temporarily.

Today the various political groupings, and for removing the Right now has in its leader Berlusconi and Tremonti as possible and a suitable replacement, they lack charismatic able to hold with probability success of a new policy and a possible new electoral impact.

This lack of leadership behind him a deep cultural and ideological crisis, made attempts to gather and new divisions, often alimentate da una classe dirigente che null’altro ha fatto se non che il fare politica come professione. Perciò un essere non politici, bensì mestieranti.

La storia nazionale di questi ultimi decenni ne è il paradigma inoppugnabile.

Il mai esistito Centro, di proclamata ispirazione sociale cristiana, presente da troppo tempo solo in ipotetiche e lontane, oltre che assai problematiche, nuove aggregazioni, non è in grado di darsi un’ideologia sociale attenta alla religione, basata sul servizio e sulla coerente testimonianza del proprio credere e incedere: una cultura nuova, diversa by capitalism and liberalism of the right and populist alternative to the Socialist Left and ceilings.

The factions that are often antithetical approach and depart in the management personnel and sometimes ideological, where Caesarism is cultivated as a way of perpetuating electorally, though with minimal results.

There is no concrete plan, but any OS that is the only inspiration that makes them plausibly exist.

The Left, with the collapse of economic and financial system of the communist ideology has been in cachexia, free in-house, following organic intellectual, social system and dialectical alternative.

As the old leadership, created in his time as a new political class (by profession) to exercise the power of party organization chart, may substantiate a new social concept, operationally incapable of doing anything other than that the job policy.

So there is divided between nostalgia, populists and progressives, not well know where to go.

The consequence of this is the search for a possible black pope, therefore, outside the hypothetical political aggregations, able to give him a soul in his new apparent capable of holding a body long since divorced.

And this time the center and the left: a totem election.

Prodi, Catholic extraction, it was the Left a black pope, but as all popes blacks a boomerang in the short term, because it is able to unite so temporarily, but could not hold an ideologically concrete program for the various souls who faced each other culturally.

And, strange to say, now you try to oppose capitalism / liberalism of the right candidates " capitalists", who, according to the actual names, we can consider both Montezemolo for the Center that the hypothetical (because of political positions ever taken part) Bouquet for LH.

questionable These choices will not be the panacea for their ills, even if they were to lead to the Pyrrhic victory, as it was for Prodi at the time.

already over the edge of the Rubicon is Fini, leader of another political nomenclature of the profession, more devoted to pontificate constitutional principles to demonstrate that they can solve.

Perché se tra il dire e il fare ci sta di mezzo il mare, così tra l’affermare e l’operare vi sta una coerenza democratica ed etica che l’uomo non possiede.

La democrazia è il fare secondo il volere dei più; ma in Italia, spesso, la si fa secondo il volere dei pochi, specie se da decenni asserragliati nelle stanze del potere.

Il giovane e ancor imberbe sindaco fiorentino – Matteo Renzi – nella sua agra dialettica politica, oltre che nella sua baldanza giovanile, vede nella vecchia nomenclatura the rock of his own party renewal. Pity, however, that his gait is not supported by a partisan culture capable enough to dictate the renewal within the party that the ideological left has not been able to give.

This problem is not only PD but also the center and right, because too many journeyman occupied the political arena.

And probably, before winning their national leadership, Renzi will do a lot of mess because it is not on the cross with two ideas and the sheer ambition can go a large party and possibly a nation, but with an overall view of various issues involving the social structure, the structural, the productive sector and the economic / financial.

So, for now, let it mature in reciting his mantra political staff and a tight, because if he can purge the PD from a stale organization corroded by decades of rust, has already rendered a service to the country.

Then there are the populists and whatever groups emerging, where the various political leaders to do more than offer fun and color - and also attract the deluded - even though these ingredients are not in any way to solve i nation's problems.

More than a black pope to the nation is a great democratic project, but must first propose idearlo.

And no black papabile I think it ready in your pocket, especially if its income from capital, or his past, is already an insurmountable obstacle to the credibility for the electorate.

The state is not a company where the manager works and earns a lot in a short time, while the employee sweat and go hungry if it remains unoccupied.

People need answers, and these are not given by a display of his wealth and position, because you do service to the nation in being willing to serve the people and not being a totem of momentary success.

The politics it can be interpreted in various ways, including the candidate to create a substantial income and make it easier for their interest, or to rise at a prestigious office, but that does not serve the nation, but just be a journeyman for its own purposes.

And perhaps that is why today there is not so much detached on a shared project, how about being a Tom, or of Caius Sempronius. Except, after a while, when self-interest so recommends, hijack your " be " on someone else or himself.

Various popes have given us above, each part of their culture, sometimes very religious, very social at times, a culture result of "their" time.

But the basics - friendship, solidarity , social charity, civilization of love - are valid in both the civil and religious spesso si sovrappongono come concetti indivisibili, sia per il credente che per l’agnostico.

La civiltà non è solo il possedere una cultura, ma il donarla al servizio di tutti.

E non vi può essere servizio senza tali principi sociali, specie se questi sono da millenni il frutto di quel pensiero sapienziale del vivere sociale e del progredire civile che i papi hanno solo aggiornato, ma non ideato.

Questi principi non sono dei possibili optional di un programma elettorale, specie se chi li proponesse avesse una grande disparità reddituale con la base.

More than a black pope, or white (the political leader of a particular deployment), we need a real man: a candidate prepared, informed and above all that it intends to give himself to the nation according to any of the human universal that several popes - and not only them - have said. And, around him, other men just as prepared and capable of putting the public interest of the private sector.

And most importantly, you need consistency and testimony: that the democratic consistency and fairness in individual and many current leaders was (is) often easily despised and forgotten under the pressure of passions and interests personal.

to lead a nation there can be a lay person or a declared "public", provided it is able to translate his interest in the general interest, but if there is a Catholic, then he should have those qualities , teaches that the Church for years (though sometimes with inconsistent leadership), even and especially before accepting nominations for prime minister.

The Common Good all the state and call upon him, even if the culture of law, free of duty, makes it the only good part, so a given community.

Democracy not be perfect or infallible, democracy and respect for the democratic idea, after careful analysis and discussion of the will of the most standardized.

Because Parliament does not say "the PDL, or PD, ol'UDC Approves / anus", but " The House, Senate or , approve."

The top managers, such as black pope, is an illusion, even if possible, to make it real because the candidate should first proceed to design a new type of company production, capital and a just wage and income distribution.

This, however, run counter to everything that has so far pursued, and, above all, perceived, beyond the fact that he has said Catholic or simple assault ... capitalist, so globalized.

[1] - Rerum Novarum


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