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Mont Mars.

Carisey of Cresta.

Valley Oropa.

Biella Alps.

Il Mont Mars

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The course includes the upward and downward from the Busancano Oropa, a short track to nearby shelters Savoy and Rosazza, the climb to the refuge Coda then steps in crest of Carisey to get back to normal by August Mucrone Mont Mars.


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Mont Mars.


orographic position.

Mont Mars with its 2600 meters is the highest mountain in the Biella Alps and Cusiana.

ridges of Mont Mars, called Carisey and Chardon, form the watershed between the Val d'Aosta and Piedmont. In Valle d'Aosta side, overlooking the valley of Gressoney and below the crest Chardon extends the Reserve Naturelle du Mont Mars with its many lakes, offering a unique view on Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn. Instead, on the Piedmont side, divides the intersection between the valley and the valley Elvo Oropa, both located in the province of Biella, offering a broad overview, as well as the remaining Biella Alps, even lying on the Po Valley.




Oropa sanctuary (1180) or by using the cable car we arrive at the shelter Savoy (1868).


by Oropa there are 1420 meters in altitude, however, if you use the system there are only 730 meters.


whole path and EE, but the crest of Carisey that is AD.


harness, rope 30 feet, 3 or 4 delays, some rope and carabiners, which are useful but not essential some little friends.

Topographic Map:

the best card is the No. 2 Valley Baltea Canavesana scale 1:20000 or even valid: Sheet 2 Biellese the north-west scale 1:25000


Automotive Access.

Once in Biella should take the signs to Oropa, Oropa Sanctuary, about 12 km from Biella. Arrived at the Sanctuary park in car parks further upstream to the left of those are convenient cable.

Route on foot.

We think that to reach the foot of the ridge of Mont Carisey of Mars, there are many paths to the approach, but I'll take you the shortest, that fell from the cable to the refuge Savoy.

"Another beautiful ride, but to do with two cars, however, is to climb the path that goes up the river Elvo C3, and then fell by more" normal " to Oropa. The trail takes you to climb right down to the Tracciolino Graglia on the road, about halfway, just before the end gravel asphalt, there is a visible trail, cross the bridge once sull'Elvo Cabrini, the path shrinks on track is not always apparent, several deviations confuse us, the very useful map of the Dora Baltea, at least to the refuge Delphi Coda. "

but return to my path. After taking the cable car and went to the shelter to Oropa Savoia we head to Lake of the beak, never left the body of water and go back to the nozzle of the beak. Signs marked "Coda refuge", then a lungo sentiero a mezza costa, su massi, ci porta all’attacco della Carisey, poco più di 2 ore dal Savoia.

A questo punto, una lunga cresta rocciosa risale gradualmente verso la vetta del Mont Mars, passaggi di II, III e IV grado su roccia ottima, nei passaggi più ardui, sono aggiunti degli spit e addirittura delle soste con catene o cordini. Il tempo di percorrenza della cresta e di circa 3 ore, ma dipende soprattutto dalla vostra agilità su roccia, ci si potrebbe impiegare meno di 2 ore come anche 5 ore. La Carisey non porta direttamente in vetta, ma collega a circa mezz’ora prima, al sentiero Alta Via delle Alpi Biellesi.

Dalla cima scendiamo sul lato opposto, seguendo sempre il sentiero dell’Alta On, until just before the Col Chardon. Then we cross on the trail almost the Plan, the stagnant water Chardon Lakes and Lake of the Red Mountain, then descend in the visible and the lake below Mucrone. About two hours.

Now if we were quick to climb the Carisey, we return to take the cable car, otherwise we must go on foot up to Oropa, or to the slopes of Busancano or the track that passes in front of the shelter Rosazza. Another hour down plenty.

Honestly, even if you take the first ride of cable car to rise, it is not easy to keep the timing to catch the last train to fall, a race against time. In addition, the Crest of Carisey, although it is of excellent rock and does not pass at high altitudes, it is a rather difficult climb, not to be underestimated at all.


Rifugio Rossazza(1813)

Refuge Rosazza.

Rifugio Savoia(1870)

Rifugio Savoia.

Rifugio Coda (12)

Refuge Augustine and Delphi Coda.

Lac Chardon

Lake Chardon.

Lago del Monte Rosso

Lago del Monte Rosso.

Lago del Mucrone (2)

Lake of the beak.

Cresta Carisey

Steps on the crest of Carisey.

Mont Mars (11)

summit of Mont Mars. From left: George, Frank, Henry and Igor.


panomars1 panomars2 panomars3 panomars5 Monte Rosa


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