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Monte Emilius.

Gran Paradiso Alps.
Comboé Valley.

Monte Emilius

GPS tracks.

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We, having stretched the wrong way from the parking areas that lead to the cableway of Pila Chamolè, before the lake, I made corrections to the computer on the track real , now it should roughly indicate the right path, in other words, from the parking you have to climb higher Pila ski slopes, retaining a diagonal direction towards the south-east that is left, as straight as possible trampling the grass the ski slopes, then the cable car arrived Chamolè, Chamolè clear path to the lake at this point we have still very long road, following the Monte Emilius Arbolle that brought us to the hut, "would be good to do normal", so from the shelter to go for the strike are still a lot of down into the valley of Comboé to take the right path. Obviously if you decide to stay at the refuge that is the right way. Instead if you want to do Emilius in the day at the lake Chamolè, or passed back once again to track the computer, because you need to pass the Col Replan, following the trace of the left that leads into the valley of Comboé, would be the path per la Becca di Nona, appunto senza andare al rifugio.


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Il Monte Emilius.


Posizione orografica.

Magnifica, imponente piramide rocciosa, domina la piana e la città di Aosta, dalle quale si ammira la sua fredda e imponente parete nord che scende con un dislivello di 3000 m; risulta un po' nascosto dall’antistante Becca di Nona, al sommo del selvaggio vallone d’ Arpisson. Famoso è il suo panorama che oltre alla conca d’Aosta e le vallate che ne dipartono, comprende tutte le massime elevazioni valdostane: dal Gran Paradiso al Monte Bianco, al Grand Combin, Al Cervino, al Monte Rosa, ovviamente diretta e la vista sulla Grivola e, in giornate particolarmente limpide, arriva a gruppi ben più lontani come le Alpi Marittime.

Nota storica.

I vari nomi che gli sono stati attribuiti nel tempo, sono praticamente dimenticati: Punta Vale, Pic des Heures Dix and Monte Pio (in honor of Pope Pius IX, who had even thought of designing a monument on the summit but was never realized.) Name Emilius, which has long been called Mount, Carrel was imposed by the canon, in honor of a fourteen year old girl who reached the summit in 1839: Emilie Argentiere. Note


His first ascent is not known: with a note of preparation, reports on a note of Edward Defey on an ascent made by his father, GB Defey around 1820 with Dr. Cerise and others to the south ridge. Instead, the first winter was carried out by Lino Binel with Amedeo Berthod February 15, 1934.

Departure: gravel parking

higher Pila (1880)


calculating the ups and downs of the path difference is approximately 2150 m of climbing.

Difficulty: I have read reports that the strike is considered a dell'Emilius uphill climbing, but difficult to grade, but for me, not to praise me, as always, but honestly, I would apply the information reported on signs of Valle d'Aosta namely, the railway from Col Carrel and EEA (hiking expert equipped) for the descent from the normal hill of the three Cappuccini EE.


harness, set da ferrata, elmetto.

Carta topografica: o IGC scala 1:50000 n°3 Il parco nazionale del Gran Paradiso, o Escursionista Editore  scala 1:25000 n°4 Conca di Aosta-Pila-Monte Emilius.

Accesso Automobilistico.

Arrivare a Pila è uno degli accessi più comodi della Valle d’Aosta, infatti una volta percorso l’autostrada si esce all’uscita di Aosta centro, a questo punto sono già ben visibili delle indicazioni che indicano per Pila o Pila funivie, infatti si potrebbe salire a Pila anche con le ovovie direttamente da Aosta. Le famose ovovie si vedono proseguendo l’autostrada per Morgex sono attive tutto l’anno o almeno quasi e vengono parecchio also used in winter when the ski lifts are in operation. However, if you go by car, about 12 km. from Aosta we are in the town of Pila, we pass along the location of the Careggi Charvensod.

itinerary for the climb to the Col camp Frederic Carrel and dell'Emilius railway, then down the hill from the normal 3-Arbolle Cappuccini and shelter.

Tours ring, that I've always preferred. As mentioned earlier, we have extended some of the tour because we have maintained the right direction, but we must also say that wrong you get to know the area well and this time to take advantage of our mistakes are just you, dear readers.

You can park your car in the parking lot of Pila higher, to be understood in the dirt. At this point we follow the classical indications for a second yellow, typical of the Valle d'Aosta, Monte Emilius, Ferrata Emilius, Arbolle refuge ", so to speak that we do get around the earth retaining wall around the parking lot. Here are some pictures about it:

Si Salvi chi può! Il Monte Emilius_0003

Retaining wall to get around the parking signs and Valle d'Aosta.

Once up on the mule track that goes back to the side of the ski slope with its local tourism to the left, we come to a T-junction, about 10 minutes. At this point we leave the dirt roads and we follow a hypothetical line diagonally to the left, off the path that allows us to quickly trace the meadows to the ski slopes, to the last plant south-east called Chamolè.

the emergence of the system, a path clearly visible ornament wooden fences and benches which soon leads to the lake Chamolè. Also on track is marked circumvent the lake at this point we come to a junction of paths, all the signs inviting us to go back to the Col Chamolè, but it is wrong! Keep in the left hand path that brings us to a lower collar of the Col Replan and then declined rapidly in the basin of the Valley Comboé.

Obviously, if you want to go to the shelter you have to climb the Col Arbolle Chamolè.

Panorama al lago Chamolè

Chamolè Lake. However

Replan climbed the Col and descended into the valley of Comboé, follow the path that leads No. 6 in the direction of Becca di Nona, then under that mountain path splits to the left you go up the Becca di Nona, where instead you keep the right one goes to the Col Carrel. However, it is impossible to be wrong, but just because a minimum visibility to see the camp on the Col Frederic Carrel.

Bivacco Federigo

Federigo Bivouac at Col Carrel.

not be impressed by the sign, in front of the bivouac on the rise for five hours of climbing. Long is long, now depends on the convenience that each of us on the rock, I, who are not the most practical steps on the rock, he recruits accessible and well equipped in the most exposed. However, just behind the camp, cutting the crest of the valley Arpisson little above you can see the first of climbing ropes, continue maintaining the ridge, in the early passages is the Tibetan bridge ropes and then steps up as the pre Mont Emilius A final passage of the crest of Grade II undeveloped leads us to the Virgin Mary that resides on top.

As mentioned earlier, the view is great.

Ponte tibetano sull'Emilius (5)

Tibetan Bridge.

Il Monte Emilius_0018

Ropes security steps in the crest.

in vetta al monte emilius 080

Fabio and Antonio on the summit of Monte Emilius.

At this point we must come down. You could easily follow the railway down, but we want to do the tour you decide to get off on the opposite side. You can see the stamp on the rock indicate that the best step up to the Colle dei Cappuccini 3 is steep and awkward to get over large rocks, arrived at the hill keep right heading west, but the slope is attenuated up to Lac Gele you jump from a stone atrium, then the path back to the lake on a path well traveled.

Lac Gelè

Lac Gele dell'Emilius seen from the top.

Lac Gelè

Lac Gele.

Lac Gele After the path is clearly visible, continued without losing too much altitude, to the lakes Arbolle, the "normal dell'Emilius" is very long, but as usual, one step after another come to the shelter Arbolle. At this point we have to climb to the Col Chamolè to descend its lake.

If you start early you can take the last race of the battery plants during the summer that seem to work up to 17.30, otherwise a viable alternative to cable and back with the first run of Chamolè available and awoke a few hours later, thus sparing the slope of the ski slopes, although it will be harder to make the rounds and take the last race of the cable car, by the way, the descent on foot from the cable Chamolè not so long.

Rifugio Arbollè

Arbolle Refuge.


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