Friday, December 31, 2010

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Le frittelle di baccalà

There are things that even if the period is perhaps the most beautiful and the spirit of Christmas is still a bit 'soft, instantly create the' atmosphere of party.
The family gathers in the house decorated for the holidays and the scents of food, prepared every year according to family tradition. Among the recipes that I
....." Sora Rosa ", always prepare for the Christmas holidays, struffoli addition to already mentioned, there are the salt cod fritters and now I recall that in addition to the Christmas holidays with my family, ports also associate them with me. Nate
to the need to make more pleasant to those who do not like it much, a typical food of the traditional Christmas bell (and others), just the cod (I must say that even as a child I did not like a lot, then tastes are changed), this dish I have not really a recipe, because it was created and prepared to my taste, as they say "eye".
I prepare the two vigils for what should be lunch. ;-)
If using salted cod, you have to keep it immersed in water for three days, changing every day the water. Then the fateful day
bone it very good cod, fillet and remove the skin by hand.
Put the pieces in a colander to remove residual water.
Then prepare the batter: I'll put an egg, pepper, nutmeg, Parmesan cheese or grated parmesan cheese, absolutely no salt, then flour and milk (I set for their quantity, considering that the Cod and must be a batter quite dense).
Pour the cod, mix well and then fry spoonfuls in hot oil, turning at least twice per side, until they are dry and golden.
to absorb excess oil on paper towels to drain or put in a colander.
The next time I will also try to put the parsley in the dough, I'm sure it's fine, as in the cod croquettes and meatballs.

Good taste ..... the next one! :-)

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