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Mom Caught Me In Panties

Sibolet Punta, Punta Storm & Monte Tibert.

Alpi del Monviso.

Valle Grana.

Punta Sibolet, Punta Tempesta e Monte Tibert

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Punta Sibolet, Punta Tempesta & Monte Tibert.



Departure Location:

Shrine of St. Magnus (1761).

Vertical drop: 1100 m.




December / early April.



Recommended Maps: 1:50000

IGC Maira Valley - Grain - No Stura 7.


orographic position.

The itinerary, departing from the Grain Valley, visit progressive popular peaks like Mount Storm Tibert and Punta, the highest entirely in Maira Valley, Pointe Sibolet is the least popular of the three. Storm, the view stretches from the tip, when the visibility is excellent, the Central Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, just glance at the pyramid of Monte Viso.


Access automotive.

From Cuneo, continue to Caraglio, before recovering fully Grain Valley, on the road that passes through Pradleves, up to the sanctuary of St. Magnus, where the road ends.


Park the car in the seats adjacent to the sanctuary of St. Magnus, go up the dirt road while the west, past the nearby valley Sibolet, and remaining stretches of the river to the left of Grana Fauniera. This stretch should not neglect a considerable risk of avalanches.

Passed on the right sides of the Rock Parvo continue until a bend which is located on a bridge at this point we leave the dirt road and climb to the Valley of Mines, depending on snow conditions you decide whether to continue on the bottom or back of the first stretch of canal until you come out on the large meadow above.

leaving the valley, you have to maintain a direction of north-east, and on open slopes leading to the Punta Sibolet. From Punta

Sibolet no need to remove the skins, you descend a short distance, then levels up to Colle Sibolet; wanting Sibolet from the Hill you can take the descent to the Sanctuary (at the beginning and steep slabs). Continuing however, the trail, keeping to the left, we come under the broad side of going back to Punta Storm.

To get off the Storm, we have removed the skin, the first stroke is shared with the climb, then back to you leaves the track is still a climb down (steep slabs and, if necessary to remove the skis) to the east to the Col Intersil.

Dal Colle Intersil (when you can not take another descent difficult, the Sanctuary), continue to complete the ring, still eastward, remaining high on the ridge to the summit of Mount Tibert.

At this point, the descent takes place on the wide slopes below, to the Santuario di San Magno already visible from the summit.


Santuario di san Magno

Shrine of St. Magnus.

Rocca Parvo in Valle Grana

Passaggi ai piedi della Rocca Parvo.

Vallone delle miniere

Vallone delle Miniere.

Salita alla Punta Sibolet

Pendio ghiacciato prima della Punta Sibolet.

Igor che guarda il Tibert dal Sibolet

Dalla Punta Sibolet si può ammirare il giro ad anello.

Passaggi al Colle Sibolet

Passaggi di cresta al colle Sibolet.

Vista grandiosa dalla Punta Tempesta

Grandiosa visuale dalla Punta Tempesta.

Monte Tibert

Passaggi al Colle Intersile con vista sul Monte Tibert.

Fabio,Enzo e Igor sul Monte Tibert

Fabio, Enzo and Igor Mount Tibert.


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