Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Gli Struffoli!!!

This is my favorite Christmas cake and never fails to prepare at this time, even several times (Christmas, Epiphany), when I can and will.
For me, it is very nice to prepare and is also used by us make gift to relatives and friends.
In his final appearance attracts a lot of the Christmas decorations.
fact are little balls of sweet dough, coated with a honey syrup and decorate with candies, and candy colored tails.
This is my personal recipe, tested and adapted over time to my personal tastes, inspired by various recipes.

Ingredients for the dough 500 g flour, 3 egg yolks and 3 whole eggs (eggs to a great extent, to preserve the white board to use if the dough is too dry), sugar 100 g butter 70 g, a pinch of salt, grated rind of a lemon and an 'orange, a spoonful of pure alcohol.


Mix the ingredients well, work undermine the dough 10 minutes and then let it stand for an hour or more in the refrigerator covered.
Then cut into small pieces with a knife made pasta sticks.
To prevent them passing attack in the flour, shaking but well before frying.
Fry in vegetable oil and plenty of heat (I recommend using that type Friol), changing it often, because it tends to create a lot of foam.
The ideal would be to use those pans to screen 'inside, to dip and lift them with ease.
You can use the fryer, if the amount is not excessive, because of the problem of foam.
I fry them at 170 degrees for 4 / 5 minutes.
are considered cooked to perfection when they take on a beautiful golden brown.
Then remove the oil and put them to drain in a colander.
Meanwhile, prepare the cover.

Ingredients for coverage

250 g of honey (wildflower), 200 g sugar, 8 tablespoons of water, candied fruit into small pieces, devils, beans, silver confetti, blanched almonds.


Put in a large pot of honey, sugar and water and leave on medium heat, until the white foam disappear and remain only of large transparent bubble.
soon appear off, otherwise you risk burning all ..
careful about this, because only then the syrup is ready and perfect. Pour immediately
struffoli, candied fruit and almonds, stirring well.
Place on a large plate soon and give it the desired shape, before the syrup to cool and is more malleable, helping, if necessary, even with wet hands.
Then decorate with various candies and candied cherries cut in half, before we always soldifichi everything.

Happy holidays to all! :-)

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