Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hands Free Masterbator

♦ ♦ The wind in the island Pablo Neruda

(Jim Warren)

The wind is a horse

feel like running to the sea to the sky.

wants to take me away You feel like

travels the world to take me away.

Hide me, your arms
for this night only, while the

rain breaks against sea and earth
his mouth innumerable.

Feel how the wind galloping

calls me to take me away.

with your forehead on my forehead,
with your lips on my lips,
love our bodies that we burn, let the wind

steps without being able to take me away.

Let the wind run
crowned foam,
call me and I try
galloping in the shadows,
while submerged under
your big eyes,

'll rest for this night only, my love.


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