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The Meaning Of Slave Bracelet

Monte Granero. Punta


Alpi del Monviso.

Valle Pò.

Monte Granero

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Monte Granero.

Monte Ganeri.



Pian Melzi (1714).

Drop: 1457 m

Rise Time:

4:30 hours of course time is indicative of the type of fitness of each individual person.


East, South


The trip to the pass of a BS Luisas, then the channel is touring PD +.

Recommended Maps:

IGC scale 1:25000, Viso, Sampeyre, Bobbio Pellice.


orographic position.

Beautiful and impressive rocky summit, Monte Granero stands between the Po Valley and the Valley Pellice just north / east of Punta Traversette. The wall

south-east, bounded by the ridges south-west and east, down towards the Po valley.

The eastern side channel crossed by a steep snow that originates in the notch between the summit and the summit north.

The north is crossed by a steep marcatissimo channel that runs from a narrow nozzle or northwest of the northern summit.

The west side is completely rocky, very wide and is bordered by steep ridges north-west and south-west.


Access automotive. From Pinerolo

hold signs for Cavour / Barge then followed Paesana / Crissolo. A trace

Crissolo la strada in fondo al paese che ha tornanti risale a Pian della Regina o Pian Melzé. A questo punto bisogna parcheggiare l'autovettura nei parcheggi adiacenti la locanda.

Ovviamente se pensate di affrontare tale ascensione nel periodo estivo, potrete parcheggiare direttamente nel piazzale superiore, situato al Pian del Re.



“Ps. Sconsiglio vivamente l’ascesa dal Passo dei Luisas poi dal canale est in stagione estiva, perchè il canale è in buone condizioni quando è ricoperto di neve e il rischio valanghe è moderato.”

Una volta parcheggiata l’autovettura al parcheggio di Pian Melzè, proseguire il vallone principale del Pian Fiorenza, just below the square.

Try to run always on the right side of the Pian Fiorenza, summer on the trail of the path until you come out to the Pian del Re

Continue going up the main valley, the ax on the headwaters of the Po left, cross the path of the postman Giacoletti gateway to the Refuge at this point to let the right and climb the Pian Armaine the steep slope to the left that leads to Mait Pian di Viso.

soon climbed the steep slope is clearly visible in front of us the cliffs of Monte Granero, more to the right pitch Luisas and snowy slopes that lead into the cover of the Monte Meidassa. At this point you can choose, depending on the mantle has snowy back if the right to more gentle slopes towards the pasture, or rights for a wide channel steeper. Then face a final stretch to the pass of Luisas. From

Pass Luisas, as well as to admire the rugged high Pellice, and clear the channel at about 50 ° to 150 meters deep on the east side and ends in the middle of the two peaks of Monte Granero, click on the left was erected a beautiful statue of Our Lady before us with folded hands.

For the descent, we climb down from the channel, otherwise, much longer for the "normal" Val Pellice and then turn toward the hole behind the face of Punta Traversette, with the snow but could be closed. An alternative route to the ridge to the tip of Traversette. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Monte Granero (21)

Punta del Monte Granero, seen from the northern tip.

Monte Granero (15)

Ascent of the east channel.

Monte Granero (3)

lodges to Pian del Re

Monte Granero (24)

Luisas Pass.


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