Friday, February 18, 2011

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Pugno ergo sum

The 5:06 February has started in Gallarate (Va), the fighting season 2011 and a large and compact representation of Tkd Florence has gone to the misty land of Lombardy. The trip was satisfactory for our team (click here for results ) but above all marked the baptism of fire, that the first fight, for two of our athletes , Charlotte and Frederick both senior category. The fighting marked the first ever for an athlete deep, making it aware of its qualities and limitations to work then, is in my opinion a very intimate experience that takes you really measure up to your fears, to show your real face, your true nature ... I find this perfect phrase - do not know who the author - " knows of himself as someone who has never fought ?"

Because the real battle is what you do against yourself, your opponent is only a means to get yourself . For that I thank Charles Mattei, a passionate and ardent student of Master Mazzocca who sent me a brief account of his first and intense experience in Gallarate. I'll carry exactly and I also invite other athletes to send short texts with the emotions felt before, during and after the square. My email is:

"The Day of Battle:

7 am wake-up with my friend Barbara ... while still others were asleep or perhaps they were preparing me and my loyal and trusted friend, we were already to breakfast! !

frankly after 20 years of racing with horses and then got used to the stress of the race I did not think tkd could awaken in me the excitement!

In fact I was spring-loaded! An energy and brio scary .... unfortunately the wait for my first fight was grueling, I fought for 16! When I was waiting in the square and 2 girls were fighting the previous round I spent nothing and I spent all my mind, I really do not even remember what I had passed! I do not watch but end up attacking the heating turned toward the wall as a sign of concentration, never look the enemy! At best, I watched the "apple" in this case as a coach I keep asking "am I going? Fight? it's up to me? it's up to me? "in a repetitive fashion (as he did not put up with me I know). Then call me at the square: Yay now I destroy, I think!

Entry inside honestly I've committed some impropriety through an excess of aggression and / or anger, an intrinsic feature of Karisma my fighter (chase a kick from outside the square! hahahahah)! Then it happens the situation and fall to the ground 2 times I have raised and as the "armageddon" (as Barbara says) I was struck with three dolly chage the face, she has covered her face and I kicked the bodice ... the court has divided us ... (even if I had not seen immediately !!!)... the court takes the second or third round (can not remember) and they throw in the towel! First battle with Korean and stop attacking! fate ????! :-)

Will I remember 'always feel wonderful that I felt satisfaction and happiness when I went out to them ... well I lost the second match of inexperience and fatigue, having given too much in the first, but since I'm rather not talk about it ... I do not like the image of a loser! :-) cmq at the end of the first race of bronze, and now look forward to getting back on the square, hoping - why not - to meet again, my opponent, the one that beat me! I can not wait to get me to be ready! UAAUUARGGHHHH "


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