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Tortellino Rana and turnovers.

SESAC , today, came to visit me and handed me this story audience very happy.

is a day on the hill, life of animals and the forest.

Sam Cardell

From "Dialogues" of SESAC

Tortellino Rana e i panzerotti.

La neve era già abbondante sui monti; e valicando lo spartiacque alpino, in una splendida giornata di sole, pareva di trovarsi seduti sul trono dell’Onnipotente, lassù tra le nubi, intenti ad osservare lo splendido scenario della creazione … invernale.

Chiesi al potente Terra di far riposare un attimo i suoi innumerevoli, focosi e scalpitanti cavalli; e lui mi accontentò accostando nel bianco spiazzo proprio poco dopo la dogana.

went down, and I dilettai to turn our gaze on the white and jagged horizon, slowly turning on myself to 360 degrees. The thermometer was -10 °, but the sun warmed the only trust and plaid shirt, wool and high mountain, made me too hot.

memory came easily to the bold ridges of the Himalayas and the Andes, by running thought the exploits of young people, when the preparation was high on the courage and perception of danger was paramount to the desire to conquer the summit.

In front of my eyes suddenly pararono the ghosts of the rash, which totally from hibernating polar temperatures, there lay a long time waiting Hades and they showed when the powerful wind of the monsoon, willing to roughly caress the rugged peaks, they removed the cold, white coffin to show, to mandatory warning, the tough and fearless daring climbers, intent to violate the white ridges to reach the coveted summit.

I saw them one by one, those hapless petty, almost curled up on themselves like they were resting. Some had at the time of the tragic passing away, his head bent on his knees, almost ashamed to show the shame of their failure, and other changes seen still standing stiff and tall with fair pur se appoggiata alla roccia di una nicchia qual riparo improvvisato, alcuni quasi dormienti e con il viso coperto da cristalli e i capelli incanutiti dal ghiaccio, altri con gli occhi spenti, grumosi, vitrei e gelidi ancora aperti, fissi nel guardarti immobili, imploranti il tardivo aiuto … da anni o da decenni.

A quelle quote è arduo avere pietà dei morti; e il buon stambecco, pur nella fatica di pensare dovuta all’ipossia, li salutava mentalmente, passandogli accanto, recitando questa preghiera di suffragio:

Requiem aeternam dona eis , Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis .

Libera eas de ore leonis , ne absorbeat eas Tartarus , ne cadant in obscurum : sed signifer sanctus Michael repraesentet eas in lucem sanctam , quam olim Abrahae promisisti , et semini ejus .

Hostias et preces tibi , Domine, laudis offerimus . Tu suscipe pro animabus illis , quarum hodie memoriam facimus : fac eas , Domine, de death Transire for life.

Requiescant in peace. Amen! .

I received from the torpor of cold and gloomy memories, albeit distant, which always saddens the soul.

Earth Then he resumed his fast ride until we arrived in Federation.


Heat dell’accogliente baita, frammisto all’odore del resinoso cembro, ci avvolse appena varcato l’uscio; e superato il piccolo atrio frangi freddo ci ritrovammo nell’ampia sala sovrastata dall’artistico e monumentale crocefisso ligneo.

Il fuoco ardeva gioioso e scoppiettante nel camino frammischiando i suoi rossi bagliori ai raggi del sole che invadevano dalle finestre poste a sud, illuminandola, la grande stanza.

Attorno alla grande e lunga tavola vi erano diverse persone: amici da tempo conosciuti e facce nuove.

Ovviamente non mancava Leone che stava Read the good and entertaining company.

After the customary pleasantries recognized among those present two well-known professors, experts of economy and the native land, the new group but I knew by reputation: Malaparte and GITR .

The first appeared at La Pira smoked anchovy, which seemed almost the spitting image. Not very tall, very thin, pale face, thick glasses over his eyes sunken, his head sunk between slender shoulders, high forehead discovered by balding, deep thinking, smooth speech, considered response and clothing not too nice.

The second ruddy and healthy, lively, even if almost sleepy eyes wide behind his glasses, spoken partly abnormal vocalization and the outside world, very engaged in the management of the forest, his elegant clothing was impeccable.

His mischievous face eternal, typical of those who, with their calm and polite ways to possess the belief that you can always instruct the student ... holding it under pressure.

Of course I was surprised to find myself in front, but I did not dare ask any question so as not to annoy Leone, the cause of their presence.

The discussion, I learned, focused on the delicate political moment of the forest, further aggravated by the great recession that time all the animals involved.

When I got the reasoning was already very knowledgeable in the subject, but with a little 'attention, I could easily assume that even I could not hear.

The situation at the summit was unstable and precarious and management of the forest was virtually paralyzed by some that most do the interest of all, they were comfortable wearing the clothes of the Pirates of the Caribbean, trying to take over, or sinking, the ship hated Bausi sea captain who in life had been arranged so far in his first of obtaining the command of the galleon.

Leone , unlike usual, had taken on the task of moderating the discussion, giving the interventions and focus on several issues, much fun in his new role and often teasing the activities of two new guests.

the Diet of Roncaglia there was, in fact, a lot of confusion because Tortellino Rana had long made up his mind to go his own way, what was an idiot politician, intent to occupy chairs for not working.

In fact, it was just an idiot in the political conception of individualism, and these did pass all the others with its constantly doing and undoing the fabric of Penelope: Now yes, no and soon, perhaps, ni.

In his youth he had fed and educated on the texts dictatorial authoritarianism of the previous century, which had created so much damage and grief to the peoples of the forest.

Now Despite did intend to have denied the past, was, in fact, worse than before ....

His appearance was not the most reassuring and his face was what more could be found in a sordid political: it seemed, behind those glasses false lover and defender of constitutional legality, which seek to soften the jaw mastiff dog face at that square, the mummy of the sphinx of lies and betrayal - as he noted the expert Leone -.

in life had always been unreliable, and although often recite the defense of many social values, in private he had always scorned.

In his maturity had no sense of legality and even the desirability, often accompanied by a young female with great profit intent to attend the school of Theophrastus.

was, however, very clever and had taken lessons from the fox that had failed to take the sour grapes ....

almost certainly had never been trained in the culture of the tales of wisdom Phaedrus and, being a frog did not know the fable of the frog and the ox . However, while frog wanted to be great, swelling, as an ox: his greatest ambition was to sit atop the highest tree in the forest.

Therefore, in order to succeed, brigade and sowed discord in the Diet also found allies among the enemies of all time, including excelled Burin, Bordello and San Marzano, but as you know, in Diet the boundary between friend and enemy was very narrow.

Perhaps he had read in his youth the Prince of Machiavelli and his heart yearned to capture the final stage of his life.

Burin was a rough provincial of the tropical forest, moved to make a career in the wooded forests located between the limits of the high plains and mountains. In truth even before he had gone well in the forests to the north, but for practical reasons of too much work, not suited to him, he again pointed to the south.

His speech was by semi-literate, his manner discovered by hot water, his private life, in part along the lines of Rana, its culture does not exist by populist cowboy and executioner.

expatriate with patched ass, climbing tenaciously school classes had put the pieces back to the others, even if put in the new suit he had forgotten to change his shirt.

So had been always to ... before.

Bordello , however, some had traced the process of Rana, including females. Boasted to practice the dictates of the Druids, although in reality they reproach.

He had the look of the bully and clear over the years had lost Cicciobello to dress the face of the hard and pure, in fact, was not.

In the past it was blown bough pole to escape the agreed commitments and in doing so, he had bruised falling badly, saving his career and a successful alliance un'opportunistica trifle. Thing the Leone s'addolorava much for having almost forced to bear.

This wavering attitude was the precursor to Rana and often pondered the prodigal son. Obviously not the one who returns repentant to be family again, but only to speculate that reappears again trying to pass himself off as needed.

San Marzano was all aluminum from head to toe and not for nothing that bore that name.

In the past it was also the forest when Tetua console his friend, briefly took power. However he had done such damage to the economy seemed clear that the consequences even now.

In his home town was not a prophet in his homeland and was indeed very unpopular, in fact, his group, in free fall with animals and with ideas for some time, was only third in number, by far outweighed by the Lama.

In his group was taking place the young Cola that was busy for scrap, along with many others, but he, with that stupid face talker who finds himself, he was dumb and the other from a beating, props to his predecessor, who, despite his age, still had the pacifier in her mouth.

In his youth apparently had wanted to pursue a career as a firefighter, but perhaps still harbored this ambition as often trained in the use of stairs, partly imitated from Burin.

He had a personality ambiguous and it was not clear if his true aspiration of the youth had been in Grisù firefighter.

La situazione era critica e Gitré non lo nascondeva. Data la situazione – affermava - poteva saltare tutto il banco nonostante i continui moniti, inascoltati, del Nano del Tirolo.

Perciò il pericolo era grave, anche perché Patatona in casa sua non sapeva che pesci pigliare per 2 motivi: il primo era che oltre alle forze di gravità, data la sua mole, non conosceva altro, il secondo era perché era continuamente strattonata da chi le stava accanto.

Perciò si procedeva a vista verso il baratro, sia in molti Land della foresta, sia nella the whole forest.

include a discussion the other it was time for lunch and left the fervent speeches to devote to food.

The canteen was varied and could range, after the starter, including tortellini in broth or sauce with mushrooms, cream or the turnovers.

For the second case, all agreed that the convent passed in accordance with economic austerity imposed by GITR: sausage with potatoes, red onions and polenta to ashes.

Finally pie Apple Hamburg to Leone, so with cognac and milk before the traditional coffee.


The discussion resumed and continued for a long time, and learned actions of the bystanders followed under the careful direction of Leone, which did not allow the discussion of 'out of the sow: finance, economy, sovereign debt, budget, investment.

course GITR and Malaparte did the lion's share, given their public role, although harassed by the insights of others.

The speech finally erupted on the political possibilities and future prospects that the current precarious situation makes it likely.

Almost everyone admitted that it was highly probable that we should resort to quick formation of a new diet, in order to break the deadlock, although the economic situation would have suggested something else, because it was undeniable that not Tortellino Rana could continue beyond.

Some can be argued that the convention might not have solved the knot in a clear majority, but at the end Leone spoke thus:

" The situation is such that it demands an explanation and this explanation can not give the constant prevarication and equivocation of Tortellini Rana. So we need a new diet, the result of a forest convention.

Then, whatever happens, you will see the result.

There will be a clear majority can govern compact? Well, problem solved!

There will be and will be required convergences between opposing blocks? You will see are real, although this would not be the best for the needs of our time.

therefore proceed without further ado, involving all the forest animals, because in front of such a crisis is necessary for everyone to assume their responsibilities and to certify as it may proceed.

The community forest will tell who among the contenders has betrayed its commitments and those who kept them, although, in truth, many animals may be culturally, so politically manipulated.

Il vero nodo da sciogliere è quello di creare subito un vero intangibile programma su cui associarsi, perché è su quello che si costruirà il nostro futuro; diversamente si perirà.

Tutti, ovviamente, sanno vedere i problemi che abbiamo, tanto nell’attuale maggioranza che nell’opposizione. Per fare ciò basta avere gli occhi e non vi è bisogno di troppa intelligenza.

Questa, tuttavia, serve per trovare i rimedi agli impellenti problemi che non possono attendere oltre: troppo tempo si è già sprecato.

The ideas are there, just have the courage to make them his own, public statements, put them into the program and then take the will of the voters, saying the true economic and social situation without hiding it, because nothing will ever be.

Of course there is that we must reduce our social status and to constrain the available capital to the territory, and then redistributing the wealth because it serves both a new way to govern a new way to invest, so of doing business.

L’economia massimalista è saltata, ma anche quella capitalista globalizzata – il liberismo - è morta: resistono solo le nefaste conseguenze del non aver saputo regolamentare, perciò impedire, l’uso e l’abuso di certi prodotti finanziari.

Credo che, considerando tutti i debiti mondiali pubblici e privati, oggi la ricchezza del risparmio non esista più, immolata da tempo sull’altare del consumismo sfrenato.

Però vi sono cittadini benestanti e altri indigenti: i primi pochi, i secondi molti.

Vi è inoltre la povertà nazionale, quella dovuta agli ingenti debiti sovrani che nella realtà brucia anche il benessere dei pochi.

A ciò vanno aggiunti i grandi debiti della cartolarizzazione delle finanziarie o di molte società che hanno investito malamente, spesso speculando e non prevedendo correttamente il futuro prossimo.

Questa massa imponente di debiti è sicuramente superiore ai risparmi dei pochi, come Gitré prima elencava anche a livello internazionale.

La nuova ricchezza da produrre non potrà fare a meno dal considerare prioritarie some social choice: work, employment, investment locally based industrial cluster in the real union between the person and company, the service of politics as a necessary act house of values \u200b\u200band not individual.

journeyman So just because you have no need of them speak idiot understood as a profession. It serves the spirit of sacrifice and dedication, using all we can give ideas, intellect, will rise again, work, manual dexterity and above all, the sacrifice of being social people.

Because without this then you will only two main classes: the privileged and the servants.

The saviors of the country, and the constitutionality of the white knights do not exist, there are those who only want him to pretend to be able to continue to do their personal interest.

But these are the usual privileged that they want to stay, whether they are managers, whether they are politicians.

and I think that is enough to have well expressed the concise summary of our debate. .


The sun turned the horizon, arching above the ridges capped until they began to take on a pale pink color.

It was in the heart of the Rhaetian, but the appearance was typical of Pennine.

He ran to the tea, date, time, and many sorption watching the beautiful scenery that God, the artistic table that overlooked the great hall, he had won.

Up there, in the cozy cottage of Federations, not we had given only a fairytale and we had also given good ideas for the future.

Now they put them into practice, however, in accordance with the proverb of wisdom helped that God helps you.

Tortellini and turnovers were already digested the meal.

also wonder if the animals ... they would likely devoured the new convention of the forest.



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