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Mont Glacier & Mount Dela. Mount

Gran Paradiso Alps.

Valley Champorcher.

Natural Park Mont Avic.

Mont Glacier e Mont Dela

GPS tracks.

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A variant set in the roadmap, it is a departure from Dondena. In fact we did not follow the marked path which goes back on the left bank Ayasse, but rather we continued to direct the prairies back halfway up the right bank. Then at some point we turned right onto the grassy channel, meeting finally, half an hour before the hill Fussy, the marked path.


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From My Video by Igor Productions present: The Mont

Glacier & Dela Mont.


orographic position.

Mountains and Glacier Dela, divided between them by Col Fussy, are part of the Gran Paradiso Alps, Glacier Avic Group and constitute the costiera del Mont Glacier.

Interamente situati in Valle d’Aosta nel Parco Naturale del Mont Avic, si differenziano essenzialmente dal tipo di percorso. Il Glacier su comodo sentiero marcato, mai esposto, invece il Dela, il versante ovest, è attaccato da una ripida parete rocciosa, il versante est, invece è scalabile da una sottile via di cresta, invece i restanti nord e sud sono formati da due spalle molte ripide di pietrisco. Il Mont Glacier è la montagna più alta del Parco del Mont Avic, la più famosa, anche scialpinistica, invece anche se decisamente dall’aspetto più elegante il Dela è meno conosciuta.

Entrambe le sommità offrono però splendidi paesaggi a 360°, by Viso, the Gran Paradiso, the Rosa and the Matterhorn, Mont Emilius always very elegant, but the evidence is really rocky pyramid that forms the toe Tersiva.





Difference: Glacier Mont

for the drop is m. 1055, but for the Dela is m. 1010, but if like us you want to climb both in one day becomes the difference of 1285 meters.

Rise Time:

signs indicating the way to Glacier Dondena indicates the 3:30 hour, slightly below the time to climb to Dela, which is about half an hour from Col Fussy athletic crest.


Mont Glacier, following the path and hiking difficulties, but the climb is already considered to Dela-type mountaineering although easy to access.

Topographic Map Recommended

Ingenia map guide, map of the trails, Natural Park Mont Avic, scale 1: 25000.


Access automotive.

From Turin / Aosta, exit at Pont Saint Martin, then on towards Aosta, a few kilometers after the town of Donnas, find directions to Champorcher, trace the homonymous valley to the Castello. Be careful, because just past the Castle Hotel, there will be a right-hander, a few dozen yards later, a narrow road, asphalt, little reported, back in the steep switchbacks to Dondena, at some point, the asphalt ends, continue even with the car on the dirt road until just before the car park and shelter houses Dondena.

Route. From the parking lot of

Dondena, the yellow signs, classic Valle d'Aosta indicate the route for the Glacier along the path marked passing among the houses to go up the left side of the Ayasse.

We, however, as noted in the notes under the GPS track, we went right to the meadows on the right bank of the stream, cutting quite a scam of course, also after the first few hundreds of meters is seen even a trace of the path, probably left by shepherds.

Soon you will arrive at the foot of a steep channel, a bit further down you see the marked path, but to cut further we go up the channel, after about 150 meters in altitude, inevitably stumble along the path marked. At this point the slope is attenuated and zizzagando between the rocks come to the Col Fussy.

At this point, on the left, go up the steep ridge of Mont Dela instead continues on the right path, on the off side, towards the top of Mont Glacier. Glacier on Mont

you arrive without any difficulty climbing instead on Dela should pay a bit 'more attention on the steps at the top of the ridge which becomes quite sharp and exposed, but there are certainly grips and even, you can avoid prejudice to the wire on the low side on the south side, though, treacherous ledges of grass may be slippery.

For the descent of the Mont Glacier riseguire need the path in the opposite direction, the descent of Dela, once time must be careful, you can climb down from the ridge and return to the Col Fussy, or descend on the opposite side but beware! Do not be fooled longer accessible from the slope that descends the western side, because a few hundred feet below, swoops down to a rocky paratone. Instead, about fifty feet below the summit ridge from the west always get off to the south. The first part can be awesome but as you go down the slope lessens making it more fit for use until the descent to the sweet grassy meadows, where we find a marked path that leads us to Dondena, the path is what leads to the Tour Pounton, a 'another splendid trip that always starts Dondena.


Cartelli segnaletici a Dondena

Signs indicative to the starting point of Dondena.


Casolari and shelter to Dondena.

Igor e Enzo sul mont Glacier

Igor and Enzo on the summit of Mont Glacier.

Il lac Miserin

Miserin The lake as seen from the Col Fussy.


Punta Tersiva.

Salita di cresta al Mont Dela

Ettore struggling with the crest of Mont Dela.

Vetta del Mont Dela

La vetta del Mont Dela.


Previsioni metereologiche.


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