Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Make A 4x4 Dune Buggy

Circuit Youth

Sunday, November 7, in the pouring rain, we stood at the Saschall with children and parents due to leave for Badia al Pino (AR) where the company had organized the first Taekyon Youth Tuscan circuit 2010. This year we attend the big sweep: 19 young athletes, 3 coaches stalwart (Balsimelli Lorenzo, Leonardo Pierini and myself ;-)) spurred on by numerous and enthusiastic presence of family members of children. I remember that last year we attended the same race with seven children and the next race only the heroic Mark Bargas had represented the colors of the Centre Tkd Florence. A good sign, it means that new young friends have embraced the growing commitment to our wonderful sport and becoming an active part of the group led by Maestro Domenico.
arrival in Badia al Pino, we did just in time for a coffee bar in the one of the country and having us come sudorini the cold watching the last 10 minutes of Fiorentina and Parma, where the goalkeeper Boruc made two miracles and saved the advantage lily. In the cozy sports hall of pleasant places Arezzo were already large numbers of spectators and athletes of the small tension was palpable in a few minutes all were in dobok belt and anxiously awaiting the start of the race, scheduled for 15.30.
What I noticed with great pleasure, that all our children have joined the group before the race, so composed and polite and waited for the green light at the arena. Education and kindness are very important values \u200b\u200bin Taekwondo, to train young well-educated families already is already a great start and a helping hand to the work of our technicians. Good parents, continue on this path!
The race was held on 5 rugs, a company at a time; one occurred on the power of the technique of calcium on the bodice electronic (which it was impossible to play when the novices had to kick from 4 to 6 years!), was measured at a speed of response and technical assistance on the hitters with the athlete a system of electronic monitors and other motor skills courses were carried out with various obstacles, always in time.

Our boys have performed very well on each of five stations, all really focused to do well and not deface the front of battle-hardened friends of other companies in Tuscany. Even the smallest (I think the two Lapo and Mark) have gained honor and good personality have dealt with the evidence supported dal tifo dei genitori sulle tribune!
Alla fine, tutti in linea davanti al maestro Gennaro Patrone della Taekyon per il saluto e per la bellissima sorpresa finale: il TKD Firenze ha vinto la coppa per la Società Prima Classificata del torneo! Abbiamo mandato Sofia (unica ma arcigna femminuccia a rappresentarci quel giorno…) a ritirare la coppa sul gradino più alto del podio, nella commozione generale dei parenti dei guaglioncelli e l’orgoglio di noi 3 coach. Anche Domenico, fino a quel momento super partes per il ruolo che rappresenta (Presidente Comitato Regionale Toscano della Fita) si è lasciato andare e si è unito al gruppone per le foto di rito con le dita a V!

A Sunday spent with joy of sport in its most innocent stage, with a nice trophy to show pride in the gym. Technical another wonderful experience for us that we have treasured the following week when we attended the course organized by the national Taekwondo coaches Fita Olympic Training Center Water vinegar in Rome ... but that's another (exciting) story which I will talk soon ...



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