Saturday, November 20, 2010

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Punta Champlong

Alps Monte Rosa

La Magdeleine

Col Pilaz

Punta Champlong

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Mapping. Hardly

on topographical maps, the name indicating the Punta Champlong, although you can still view the itinerary Col Pillonet on the topographic map IGC No. 108 Matterhorn Mattherhor scale 1: 25000, or: The Hikers Publisher 1/25.000 No. 7

Difficulty: BS EE or


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From My Video Production by Igor:

La Punta Champlong.


Posizione orografica.

La Punta Champlong, interamente in Valle d’Aosta fa parte della costiera Zerbion- Tournalin, anche se resta una vetta inferiore offre comunque un ampio panorama su tutta la Valle d’Aosta con particolare riguardo al massiccio del Monte Rosa, con la sua ammirevole attraversata e sud dei Lyskamm.


Accesso automobilistico.

Uscita Chatillon dell’autostrada per Aosta, si mantiene la direzione per Breuil Cervinia, dopo pochi chilometri che si risale la Valtournenche, arriviamo ad Antey Saint AndrĂ©, svoltare ad un bivio a destro mantenendo le indicazioni per la Magdeleine, exceed the town of Magdeleine, has this point if you decide to make the trip up the road in winter as long as snow conditions allow, otherwise at some point always on the road on your right you will see signs for Col Pilaz.


At the sign indicating the Pilaz Col, continue along the track path, then you will soon arrive on a large clearing at this point clearly back on the road, always going on the road is clearly visible when we come to the lake is located Champlong pasture of the same name.

Classic route climbs to the left of the lake to Col Pillonet, then the last meters of a broad ridge leads the tip.

E 'but can also go back to the right of the lake to the hill and across to the opposite edge of the ridge on accessible and comprehensive way.

Honestly this autumn, to ski there is still enough snow for ski boots and there is already too much, where time seems to have been organized to pour showers always on weekends, we do not know exactly where to crash the head, so even if a trip is considered significant, but always serves to maintain a good workout, pounding snow and making it difficult progression.


Punta Champlong_0011

Alpeggio Champlong.

Punta Champlong_0013

wide ridge that leads to Punta Champlong.

al clle pillonet camplong 097

I Pillonet Col.

Punta Champlong_0015

Igor and Michael on Punta Champlong.


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