Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lots Of Phlegm And Sore Throat

Eagle Rock and Mount Giobert.

Monviso Alps.

Valle Maira.

Preit Valley.

Rocca dell'Aquila & Monte Giobert

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From My Video Production by Igor:

Eagle Rock & Mt Giobert.



Departure Location: Preit (1540)

Elevation gain: 936 m.

Difficulty: MSA

Rise Time: 3 hours

Recommended period: dicembre.marzo

Exposure: West

Recommended Maps: IGC, Valle Maira Acceglio Brec de Chambeyron, scale 1:25000


orographic position.

small but elegant, the Rock Eagle off to the west spur of the characteristic Rocca whaling. The route runs along the west side of the broad popular Monte Giobert, departing only in the last final stretch with a bit of climbing. Easy walk to start the season, also attended after a snowfall.


Access automotive.

Morene of the A6 motorway exit Torino / Savona, to take Savigliano, Busca, Dronfield, or by Cuneo, SS22 for Dronfield.

Dronfield is situated at the bottom of the Maira Valley, go up the main road to Ponte Marmora;

at this point to go back to Canosa, Preit and if possible, exceed all of the buildings Preit;

at this point to find parking car available in the first pitch.


Park the car, follow the valley road to the height of a block with a white wooden fence, this point cross the stream on a wooden bridge and climb the slope between the sparse trees to the west up to the houses Colombero Sottano (1698).

Here comes off the route to the right of the Mount Whitney, but we still left for the apparent winding dirt road that leads to the Houses Convent (1832).

The slope at this point increases its slope and climb zizzagando under a beautiful grove of larch trees.

Above, left the grove fades the slope and climb up onto a large side all'insellatura between two mountains, the Giobert left and the right of the Eagle Rock. The Eagle Rock

the climb, leaving the skis to piedi sotto l’attacco della cresta rocciosa, che date le circostanze ora √® completamente ricoperta di neve, dai piedi della cresta alla cima ci dividono solo 60m. di cresta da considerare di difficolt√† PD.

Noi discesi dalla Rocca dell’Aquila, dato l’incredibile avvicinamento delle due punte abbiamo salito anche il Monte Giobert, che data la sua caratteristica forma tondeggiante lo si riesce a risalire fino in vetta con gli sci nei piedi.

La discesa, molto appagante, si effettua per l’itinerario di salita per gli ampi spazi sotto il Monte Giobert, poi divertente il boschetto di larici e nuovamente ampi spazi fino a fondo valle.


Rocca dell'Aquila & Monte Giobert

buildings on the valley floor where there is a pedestal base.

Rocca dell'Aquila e Monte Giobert

Ascents of the grove of larch trees.

Rocca dell'Aquila & Monte Giobert

The last part of the Rock Eagle Crest.
Rocca dell'Aquila e Monte Giobert
Me and Fabio on the small tip of Eagle Rock.

Rocca dell'Aquila e Monte Giobert

Me and Anthony on the large peak of Mount Giobert.


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