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Instructions On Making A Diaper Carriage Cake

FITA Coaches Course @ Center Coni Rome

Of course we're a pretty dancing rumba! Also in November does not seem to stop giving us so many commitments and appointments are important ...
After the young Tuscan circuit earlier this month, 12 to 14 November, I and 6 other friends (Balsimelli Lorenzo, Leonardo Pierini, Edo Gallina, Andrea Solinas, Paolo Bacciu and Massimiliano Nonsoilcognome from Montecatini) we went to Rome to participate in the ongoing federal training Taekwondo. The old lion Balsimelli also had to take an examination to acquire the 4th Dan, therefore, to honor its commitment because Lorenzo was double. We all had heard from veterans of very positive things about the courses that the Federation is organizing coaches, technicians and teachers, but to be honest the 3 days the Roman left us more excited than we thought.

It all started at noon on Nov. 12 when two cars filled with bags and stalwart athletes matches (with the canonical hour of delay) at the time of the eternal city, in a very nice autumn rain. The trip on the machine of Andrew "Spider" you slipped away quietly, between the last Cd Jamiroquai, Arcade Fire and the songs of the Sardinian version Mammuttones house, which was a compilation of Pauline Bacciu. Already during the trip to the main topic was the Taekwondo, experience in national and international tournaments of the young Paul Bacciu made for lively conversation and during his own stories is a name that popped up for me now is the subject of a real cult, complete with invocations and prayers when I go to sleep and upon waking in the morning: Jeremiah. I can not tell you more about him now, I find him later.

We arrived at the beautiful Olympic Training Center CONI Water Sorrel At 15.00 exactly on time for the start of the course, and we are now flown in the Great Hall for the welcome speech by President Park. To our surprise the course was crowded coaches this year, 220 candidates between men and women from all over Italy and in the classroom was also waiting for my dear friend Nicola Orlando also called "Nick Bunga Bunga", now at home in Rome where studies and he also enrolled in the course! The federal managers welcomed us warmly and we felt immediately part of the great family FITA, whose word is a single, categorical and challenging for everyone, spread the Taekwondo and its values. We were then given the tight schedule of corso, ed il via è stato dato con 1 ora di lezione di psicologia, molto interessante anche perché ha trattato la fascia di età dei giovanissimi, che è quella che attualmente mi coinvolge di più.
Poi siamo stati come divinamente divisi in due gruppi dal passaggio in posizione di parata alta di Park e della dirigenza in mezzo al gregge di aspiranti allenatori, il mio gruppo si è diretto verso il palazzetto Est per seguire il corso di forme del M° Notaro e l’altro al palazzetto Ovest a seguire le tecniche del M° Park Young Ghil , ormai mio best friend forever (bff).

La lezione di forme con Notaro è volata via, ci siamo fatti dalla 1A alla 8A Taeguk più la Poomsae Koryo in sequenza, soffermandoci brevemente sulle particolarità di ogni forma. Notaro ha un tempo molto serrato di insegnamento, ti costringe a stare molto attento perché se perdi il ritmo sei del gatto e guardi gli altri che continuano la forma all’unisono mentre tu resti immobile e pieno di vergogna in mezzo a tanto armonico movimento; nessuno del TKd Firenze si è bloccato e questo è già un successone. Comunque, ripassare tutte le forme con un mostro di bravura come lui è una iniezione di energia e consapevolezza, sopratutto in vista dell’esame di 2 giorni dopo, in cui vengono appunto richieste le esecuzioni delle Taeguk.
La lezione successiva è stata con Park Young Ghil sulle tecniche, molto interessante, di cui ricordo una massima del Maestro in particular: "the body is to be followed by the mind and not the other way" that the thought of a few moments to anticipate the action of the body, control it. Only in this way can we make good technical refinement of growing up to perfection, which is reached when thought and action are one, which grow wild, instinctive and effortless, with the naturalness of a child .... But we do not go hard on TAO I for now I'm happy to follow the simple advice of Master Park Young Ghil techniques to make the best :-)! In practice the first day of the course was completed at around 20.00 and ns. group, headed by Nick Orlando has organized to aperitivino and dinner. The Florentines was James also added to the restaurant, a friend of Edo and Leonardo Roman sailor who, with his sympathy has not been slow to enter the "gang" and we thank you for being a perfect host at the dinner "Al Ragno d'Oro" recommend lightweight plates Jewish athlete like artichokes, pasta, cheese and pepper, a amatriciana to scream and a feast of desserts, all washed by light wine of the castles that brought us out at this late hour from the restaurant with the chorus already used during the Europeans in 2008 ( see blog April 2008): "but there cares, but ... ce'mporta. All consumed in total unawareness of what we had to face the next day. ... Among other things I, Lorenzo and Andrea were sleeping in the side of the city, guests of the guitarist of Mambo Mutz, Francis, who was very kind to host us in his house full of music CDs of all kinds, as befits a true rocker. For those who still do not know the Mutz Mambo are the group psycobilly Lorenzo Balsimelli (which is the voice of billy and especially psycho showman of the band) now that you know we support and always buy good music psycobilly Mutz of Mambo!

up early Saturday morning at 6:30, we were completely stoned led meter by meter by the gentle voice of the navigator to the water Sorrel, after at least 10-12 recalculations for wrong turns, and a stop per una copiosa colazione.
In pratica il giorno di sabato è stato assorbito da 2 allenamenti agonistici con il tecnico della Nazionale Italiana (!) M° Youn, intervallati dalla lezione in aula di arbitraggio e dalla interessante lezione di Parducci (fisioterapista della Nazionale Taekwondo) sul RPM (riposizionamento posturale mirato), la nuova frontiera dello stretching su cui in futuro ci saranno dei corsi specifici a livello CONI. Le lezioni di Youn hanno avuto dei protagonisti d’eccezione: molti nazionali Italiani (Sarmiento, Molfetta, Calabrese, Basile) hanno fatto allenamento con noi sia la mattina che il pomeriggio, e con la grande umiltà che il Taekwondo richiede ed insegna hanno tenuto i colpitori per tutta la durata della give us a lesson for aspiring coaches to put into practice what Master Youn pointed out to us, after the nice translation of Carlo Molfetta by corean / Roman dialect of Italian Youn. Many of the techniques that we performed included high kicks to the head or dynamic thrust on the bodice, confirming that the fighting techniques WTF is evolving towards ever more spectacular and exciting. The workouts were hard but .... But I thought it was the hardest! Really, I sweated, I kept the pace and I'm tired but I struggled Maestro Mazzocca often much more, finding myself really tired at the end of the session. Perhaps the fact of having to manage more than 200 athletes at one time did not help the intensity of workouts Youn and certainly the national competitions are even harder or maybe .... Perhaps I am just so pleased to hear me believe it's still a physical level with beeestiaaa Sabonim Mazzocca!
During the lunch break on Saturday, consumed at the table of CPO, I noticed that Pauline Bacciu had been stopped to talk to a skinny man with a baseball cap on his head, complete with blue dress FITA. ... When later he the group met to my question of who was that 'little man "Paul looked at me with terrified eyes and a whisper uncertain added: Ge G. ... Ge ... Jeremiah, after changing the subject. Paul after this meeting has not eaten anything that day and our whole group was worried about him. The pleasant evening was spent at the house of James - thanks again invited us because despite all the next day had to get up early to go for a race - after dinner examinees coaches (myself, Andrea, Massimiliano and Edo), we made "tasks" to review the day after, put in writing on the sheets give yourselves by Prof. Chiodo (University of Catanzaro) how to do a Taekwondo training, choosing one age group athletes. I chose the band novices and beginners (ages 4 to 9 years) also because it is the one I most experience.

The next morning we depart early from the area in the direction of water Capannelle Sorrel, with a stop halfway through to make a good breakfast in a good Sicilian pastry, the owner has even invited the aperitif ....
At the cones, we were immediately directed to the East Gym where waiting for us there was a flip chart, with a white sheet and an almost religious silence of the 220 aspiring coaches ... I looked at Paul Bacciu I said quietly, "we we are, He is coming. "
the strains of "Jesus Christ Superstar", a perfect balance on two nunchaku held in tension by 2 pairs of stalwart black belt, made its entry into the building to him, the Master Jeremiah Dicostanzo, while the 4 sides of the carpet is lifted flames and plumes of smoke. We all fell into total silence, looking into his eyes as if looking at each other the answer to the questions: "... but this chicazzè?". Now, this question was quite legitimate for many of us who have never been in the national tour of TKD, but people like Paul Bacciu (which was in the National Junior) knows who is Jeremiah .... Just a phenomenon and a coach 4-star, and this I can say that whereas aged between 45 and 50 years. He jumped to the ground by the nunchaku with a back somersault and knocked out after the 4 black belts with a few quick fake body looked at us and greeted with an impressive HANA! to which all responded in unison with building a cazzutissimo DUL! Here, after a kiap like we were so full of strength and energy that we had asked if Jeremiah would without hesitation started to run toward the Coliseum in search of lions to fight with! The next hour was one uninterrupted series of strengthening exercises, techniques hitters to the most diverse, explosive speed exercises, all done while Jeremiah was concerned with worldly things like the multiplication of the hitters (and Adidas gave him a hitters do you ridava 2 Daedo) e l’acclamatissimo miracolo della prima forma , con il quale l’Onnipotente è riuscito a far terminare senza interruzioni il I° taeguk ad Edoardo :-)) solo con l’imposizione delle mani sul dobok! Comunque non potete comprendere appieno le performance di Geremia se non lo avete mai visto in azione, solo per darvi un idea clikkate qui. Grande Geremia - lo confesso - la persona che più mi ha colpito durante il corso è stato LUI, certo è uno di quelli preceduti dalla propria fama e ne è perfettamente consapevole ( e ci gioca… ), ma senza dubbio è un grande Maestro di Taekwondo e ci ha suggerito alcuni spunti di allenamento agonistico che abbiamo già iniziato a mettere in pratica nel nostro dojan.
Dopo il suo allenamento, spossati ma felici, abbiamo seguito la lezione di dietologia sportiva della D.ssa Torrisi, che ha sfatato molti luoghi comuni sulla alimentazione, andate sul suo website e troverete articoli molto interessanti su questo argomento. Dopo il pranzo è iniziato l’esame per la qualifica di allenatore, impeccabile l’organizzazione della FITA che è riuscita a gestire più di 200 esaminandi nei tempi giusti, dando la precedenza agli amici lontani delle Isole o del profondo Nord Italia.
Gli esaminatori mettevano gli aspiranti allenatori a proprio agio e questo è stato importante per stemperare la naturale tensione dell’evento. L’esame was divided into three sessions: implementation of the forms, query on the rules of arbitration and discussion on training that we had put in writing. Guess: of 220 athletes, who were the last two ever to be examined? But me and Andrea Solinas of course! However, everything went smoothly, I soaked a good Sa Jang (4th form) and the questions were good, in fact I did it! Now I'm officially coach of FITA Taekwondo, the results are released on the website of the Federation a few days after the exam! I'm very happy, it was a goal I set myself and I reached for the 2010 ... .. now I can pass on what I've learned to young students TKD Centre of Florence, I hope in particular to provide them with the passion and energy of this wonderful art that I felt this intense three days in Rome ....

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