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Deathwatch Robb White Chapter Summary

A "NO!" motivated to Mirafiori. Christmas 2010

The referendum of 13 and 14 January on the future of the plant in Mirafiori follows, The second tactic Marchionne , the cliches have already seen in Pomigliano after the surrender Fiat to Termini Imerese .

Meanwhile, the Fiat has been the Spin-Off , and this, coupled with the new company set up to manage individual plants, raises disturbing future scenarios of both productivity and far-sighted industrial project.

The operation designed for the Spin-Off has an excessive cost, prelude, therefore, necessary supplies.

It cost well of € 4 billion in loans to be made, thus yielding or securities (share ownership) or attractive assets, according to the theorem assets are Economic resources.

The reduction in shareholders' equity was Fiat, by the same management, then calculated exactly 3,750,346,053 .

Voices applicants leaked on the possible sale of individual assets , corresponding to trademarks.

The operation intercompany financing , therefore, is not over, or, to be frank, it's just begun.

Therefore the Fiom ( Landini ) it has consciousness or not, for the Fiat management is indifferent.

The flock Agnelli no longer exists: there is only an investment fund that brings together the many crushed dynastic holdings in Divisions. And, like all funds, rather than to a real industrial project is very careful only to annual profitability, so follow the market trends today indicate that the manufacturing output and income poor.

It should focus on other economic sectors, usual technique of globalized finance.

The era Marchionne, favored at the time by holding GM has already depleted the entire structural system industries. In practice, it has destroyed the industrial district Italian rotated on Fiat.

Fiat On the other hand the real master is the current AD, which, according to the contract on the results, will get considerable income or, if you prefer, capital gains quantifiable in millions of shares held for several more years.

Perhaps not only the new company formed randomly in Pomigliano designates it as a social reference, and this is likely to occur even if the Mirafiori " Yes" will pass.

I have analyzed various aspects of the manager and I can say from simbiologo I do not like the subject, especially comparing it to my personal culture and Catholic ethics.

emphasize, however, that what can be legally correct in the current economy may not be as such if seen in a Christian ethos.

Everyone, in fact, sees the company on its own beliefs and by what acts.

What is happening in the house for some time over at Fiat Spin-Off of Industrial Fiat ?

My belief as an analyst is that you are emptying the box of content industrial parent Fiat, filling it with so many Chinese boxes and then sold them easily and without bureaucratic hindrance. It should also be seen in this light flows out of the new companies, which derive from this continuous spin-off from Confindustria.

So: new rules of operation and workers, new assets, total freedom of action without conditions and contractual restrictions or national federation.

Giving Fiat block would be unlikely because it should force a large part of politics, but not sell it in pieces creates excessive problems, partly because the industrial policy and financial management is, in fact, released by resolutions of the shareholders.

For Fiat give I need the approval of the shareholders shareholders. But only if Fiat is the owner (or reference) of many companies contained in many Chinese boxes, then to give one of these boxes no longer have the decision to shareholders, but the box only to new members interested in the transaction.

The shareholder Fiat, in fact, is only indirectly share in the profits or losses obtained from the Chinese boxes.

The current trade union policy triggered by Marchionne is clear and is based on a cornerstone of global capitalism: to hold in the market must be profitable, because otherwise you will not be able to attract new capital useful investment.

So rather than investing it right (which takes time to be judged) should greatly reduce costs. And today the cost is of two types: one for raw material, not conditions on a global scale, and domestic labor that is often higher than that of raw materials.

The workforce, especially where it is regulated by national contracts, leaving little room for a substantial reduction, even raising the productivity. But what can not be obtained through a new social partnership, if not on time, it is quite possible, creating new companies located outside the rules (contracts) agreed.

Pomigliano was emblematic in this sense: the new company, new rules, new recruits (who is subject). In practice the new globalized slavery if you want to work for a living.

A counterpart: no assurance that the experiment industry to succeed in the medium to long term and disruptive social instability.

Just what it points to the current management if Fiat will (or not), this line also at Mirafiori, a conflict exacerbated in a position to be able to tell the leadership that produce in Italy is neither possible nor viable.

For now, the policy Marchionne, except the late and kind of hope Napolitano, did not have many obstacles.

On the other hand has managed to crush the weak at home CGIL trade union front, operational and strategic visions with different Camusso and Landini.

Sx Italian policy follows the same line, given that much of the left today on a waving vaguely modernist moderates in an effort to create a new identity can progressive forces with the weak and sloth of the center.

Cofferati era of electoral defeat, following the defeat suffered by the center with Rutelli, he succeeded to stand as the sole superpower and the last bastion of the Right, radicalizing the fight in defense of rights.

Landini, perhaps unwittingly, now try the same path: the road impassable for most serious international financial crisis.

Obviously I will not vote for Mirafiori, whilst not being a party.

However, if I should do would vote "No ! "but not for the reasons that Fiom and Landini pursue. How I would have voted "No" even Pomigliano.

Rights acquired through years of struggle by the workers are important to me, but this which leads me to be more contrary to the new political leadership of Fiat is the absolute vagueness and inconsistency of a real industrial project, provided only sketchy and never, in fact, defined.

An industrial project vague and lacks credibility, especially if compared with the proposed investment (1 billion) against the one fielded by the Spin-Off (4 billion).

the spin-off Fiat raises disturbing questions by creating new companies out of a sound social logic based on the agreements entered into, especially when the costs of capital to roam free, to leave undisturbed, by downloading only the sacrifices on the deterioration workers' conditions.

a real industrial project, I believe we must take root in the territory, becoming a legal entity for all purposes to enhance the stable economic and social fabric.

investments packaged as to Pomigliano and the proposed hours for Mirafiori, seem inadequate to boost production, especially when compared to the benefits that management follows against the insecurity of staff (employees) on a better future.

Human capital is not only disregarded, but sacrificed at the altar of capitalism assault.

is easy to understand, therefore, that after Fiat raised thanks to government incentives on the destruction, now lose a good percentage of the market within the EU, more intent on making profits in interim structural reinforcement with a real project industry.

The bag has welcomed the Spin-Off for now, partly because speculation had gradually moved upward in spite of the title business results and ignoring the bad, in fact, the macroeconomic data .

A quotation positive comunque, non è indice di salute, perciò di sano investimento, specie se viene attratta dalla possibilità futura (comunque onerosa) di poter raggiungere il fatidico 51% in Chrysler.

Se la politica di Marchionne avrà esito positivo è probabile che ciò che ora avviene in Italia si trasferisca poi negli U.S.A.; ma ciò che sarà maggiormente grave è che in questa partita a scacchi vi sarà un solo beneficiario: non gli operai, non gli stati interessati, non gli azionisti, non la società, ma solo l’A.D. attuale che sarà diventato il deus ex machina ( π μηχαν ς θεός ) the situation well, of course, its huge capital acquired.

The Church, while recommending moderation, seems aloof from this harsh clash between capitalism and the working class by storm.

The memory of history leads me to Angelo Roncalli that of his young secretary vescovo si schierò a fianco degli operai in tempi molti più complessi degli attuali. E si schierò per ottenere quelle allora tenui garanzie che ora si vorrebbero abolire.

Al di là di una possibile concertazione sociale il progetto Fiat è inadeguato ai tempi e alla crisi attuale, perché procede con una tempistica e un’arcaica strategia già da tempo socialmente superata.

Ciò che Marchionne non è in grado di ideare è un modo nuovo di fare capitale ed impresa, perciò di mettere le proprie capacità umane e il capitale al servizio della società e delle nazioni in cui intende operare.

probably will win the tug of war for his personal Mirafiori, as it did in Pomigliano.

The production problems are not resolved yet, but only moved forward by making them more fester.

And once this is now obvious that the retreat from Italy will be a good excuse: that the lack of profitability and be able to do business.


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