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New Wars: The year of telematics

The History teaches that every 70 years about the human world radically changes his way of thinking, acting and to operate. And, according to this, also the customs, ideals and beliefs, needs and priorities.

And what once was achieved with the violence itself (use of physical force or military) today is achieved in other ways.

An analyst is usually more materialistic. Not in the classical concept of an agnostic, but in the real world that makes use of logic to add events and intentions in a structural cognitive process, based on the probability than on possibility.

religious eschatology leads to individual personalities. However, hinges on the transcendent, so the possible on the hardly likely, precisely because the likely needs of the "matter", then the contingent reality.

The probability, therefore, often has little to do with the possibility, so much so that the "miracle" (transcendent or esoteric) is not provided as evidence in court.

As a result one analyst puts into account, not excluding the possibility, noting however that in the analytical procedure and logic it becomes infinite in reality, therefore misplaced and unrealistic.

The possibility is always to the nth degree. It boils down to numbers when it becomes the first real chance.

And when the first number is the probability becomes a reality!

Reducing everything to a simple example let us say the chance that a male octogenarian is still sexually perfect.

Theoretically this could be possible, so even realistic.

If you look physically the octogenarian say, for example, that 10 years before he was operated from prostate cancer, then a couple of years later had an operation on the cardiovascular system, which is diabetic who has hypertension and that the life you lead, despite his age, both for its commitments, very exhausting so stressful as a result of this, once the person stops, will tend to fall asleep.

It's just this real, but valid, physical disability, they are creating, however, of the likely consequences, some almost automatically, in their succession and overlap.

Analysis of material facts, therefore contingent, makes the alleged sexual possibility a transcendental illusion.

So believe (assume) that the octogenarian may have relations as a forty applicants, especially those with continuity and with a plurality of women, makes the totally utopian thought in man's biological. More that an elderly man would be a sci-fi robot.

place this as proven by medical science, so real in its materiality, the possible deductions for the shares in respect of free-range and spry octogenarian, or channeled into the actual probability, or diminish the ridiculous sense also and above all legal notices .

Yet sometimes I run into licensed idiots who say that this is possible, because now you have found the miraculous as Viagra or similar. I can so as to give encouragement, but they can not meet the previous invalidations, nor to make a physical dell'ottuagenario ventenne.

I nostri avi dicevano: con la lingua e con il dito l’uomo anziano in amor è sempre ardito!

Frase che non ha bisogno di alcuna parafrasi per essere compresa.

Questo esempio casuale pone in essere come la possibilità sia spesso manovrata, da singoli o da gruppi, per ottenere la propria finalità, privandola del probabile e, con ciò, della logicità analitica.

Il pensiero umano dovrebbe svolgersi sempre su binari telematici, perciò su un’analisi careful and rigorous cause and effect of reality, traveling on two parallel directions, so drivers with an identical result.

War (in a social side) old school, based on the strength of numbers and the means put in place, involving too many people put a lot of variables that often lead to the exchange reality with the coveted opportunity.

This leads, in the absence of a logical analysis, misleading results that punish the same designers.

translating the concept to reality We could cite facts of our time political, economic and financial events, or real war materials in the area, such as that in Iraq, in Afghanistan or, in ancient times, in Vietnam.

Robert Strange McNamara , for example, relying on the simple logic of possibility, a shift was thought that the overwhelming number of men and means to lead to certain victory.

not included in its logical analysis, given the results had, all the binding material that led, in fact, the U.S. defeat on the actual field.

Similar examples very recently, the harbingers of poor results, we can find them in politics, in economics and finance.

I often, as the last, to analyze certain paragraphs of well-known thinkers, finding in those cha entire procedure based on theorems of the same transcendent degeneration logical and analytical.

One of the most common mistakes is to put in the discourse as a real logical subject object, the place where it is obvious that the man (the real subject OS) can become a simple oggetto atto unicamente a veicolare l’azione.

Non più, quindi, attore reale dell’evento – con conseguente merito o demerito, colpa o pena -, ma solo mezzo di congiunzione, in pratica privato dall’operatività cosciente in un processo iniziato non si sa da chi e come, perciò vittima egli stesso dell’evento.

L’uomo subisce l’evento (realtà) anziché padroneggiarlo e controllarlo, diventando un predestinato e nello stesso tempo un oggetto transeunte.

Ciò porta il soggetto ad asserragliarsi in comunità, sfuggendo al proprio dovere d’essere popolo e attorniandosi di steccati atti a difenderlo da infiltrazioni esterne, capaci però anche di estraniarlo dal mondo esterno, quindi dalla realtà.

Ho notato che questo procedimento è spesso ben accolto da tutti quei fideisti professi e conclamati che basano il proprio credere su semplici frasi fatte, perciò che si limitano a prenderle come assodate e inattaccabili, anche se datate da millenni, pur avendo spesso la capacità per agire diversamente e di produrre un vero processo di analisi logica.

Cosa manca a costoro (pensatore e lettore)? Il procedimento logico basato sulla probabilità contingente che scaturisce dall’evolversi time, so the continuous change of thinking, needs, ideals and priorities. In practice, of varying sizes sufficient to alter the reality and with it the need to review cognitive.

nell'ignavia are accepting or produce a complex and articulate speech, unable to stand in mutual consent of the constructive dialogue which, by reciprocity makes significant progress to all stakeholders .

While contemplating the reality is as if time (of knowledge) for them had stopped for a unsurpassed set, so look to the totem like it's all their problem solver. The truth comes from and what is indisputable is that once it has occurred for millennia, or other (totem: media, political, religious) to which you refer.

Envy has its roots from the Latin verb envy, which is Italian leer. Consequently, the reality is not considered as subject to man, but as objective because it analyzed the right way, so direct, but only placing a cross-sectional view.

is so "jealous" (Invisible), is therefore not considered in its real value and appearance.

Totem triggers the action and they become objects of simple conjunction and succession until the final result.

In this logic, the bad and the good become transcendental subject (both terms are non-physical and virtual / real), while the man an "object" of simple development, intersection and conjunction of the evolution of facts and reactions.

The individual community enclosed by fences, in that such a process, takes on the perception of being privileged, therefore predestined a custodian of the only truth.

The community thus becomes sect, becoming the enclave of its own ghetto.

This happens in politics, in religion and society, especially when migration flows do not assume, quotas for various reasons (language, customs, values, ideals and needs) that reciprocity environmentally calendar year in which we you haul.

After the industrial revolution with various steps we came to the computer revolution .

And this brings with it not so much globalization, but favors it, but the systematic control the speed of many operational functions that previously needed a long time, of large forces and large human resources.

Everything fits telematics: the economy, finance, industry, research and even the military and social, in addition to the media, of course.

Alwar and malware are now operational resources to fight on against a new, virtual location, but the real result.

The Iranian issue relate to the production of enriched uranium, possibly for military purposes, has established an important issue on how to prevent the continuation of the project was already in the terminal.

Economic sanctions were not an effective deterrent military option would have been extremely costly, as well as unpopular in the same society can not be performed at no cost.

The experience of Iraq and Afghanistan, despite their different but fought with old ways, they place and raise questions of legality and not so much pressing of opportunities, but rather practicality and convenience.

was urgently necessary to find another way forward, which would give consistent results.

And this new way of fighting, unthinkable just a few decades ago, finds its counterpart in telematics.

Recently we learned that specific attacks have damaged the server Iranians who oversee the process of uranium enrichment industry, moving the implementation process takes at least 4 years.

This was possible because today many control functions have been delegated, for obvious practical, artificial intelligence, so to supercomputers.

And this happens all over the world.

Without going into technical details is easy to see that not being redundant supercomputers must always be in the network, so in constant liaison with each other, but the network is necessarily global, so global.

This eliminates the geographical distance between researcher and research center, between supplier and buyer, including control center and production, including design and establishment, between processing and consumption, but also puts people in constant contact also mixed.

information running on the network and these can be intercepted whilst leaving them free to make their path.

If I am not mistaken the Iranian centrifuges used to enrich uranium for atomic are made in Germany, as well as turbines.

Obviously, these are commercially produced and therefore not only with the purpose to which the Iranian targets. They can be purchased easily for diverse industrial purposes.

to be programmed and controlled, however, must use the electronic system, so the use of powerful computers can process in a fraction of a second, even millions of mathematical operations. Otherwise their use would be problematic and made almost in vain.

and exploit knowledge of the "necessity" of centrifuges operating, easily obtainable from the network information on commercial properties, has been working to program the computer attack.

Such a project can not be done by a prankster wasters who writes for pleasure Alwar , but needs many technical and financial resources, as well as many able men capable of working in unison in mutual projects.

therefore clear that behind this attack, there is only one person in connection with that, but a state or multiple states united by a common purpose.

intercepting the communication between the various operating centers that Iran is likely to be introduced before those Alwar able to nest, to expand and replicate then the operating system of project management.

Result: Amendment defense system, change management and control and overall stunning can delay much of the reclamation and re-programming of the new production system, as well as to inform the saboteur any new interference and editing.

in finance (securities market), though in different ways, this system has been used recently to counter speculation monetary attachment to certain currencies and certain sovereign bonds, both by delaying the execution instant computerized orders (often making them operationally rooms because then passed), and blocking for a while automatic systems buying and selling involved in pre-defined situations, or simply preventing the immediate vision of the indices and equity flows.

These modern electronic warfare attacks with my initial thinking has an important prerogative in common, because the human brain and intelligence of virtual work the same way.

reason enough to distract the man and the car of their priority of existence, which is operational, with a shifting their electronic media bombardment or from old to new operational requirements, preventing them (man and machine) at the moment of reasoning, then analyze what is happening.

And that is what the story, while no data transmission, has made the temporal cycles of 70 years, corresponding roughly to the life of a person, you learn certain values \u200b\u200band they are handed down according to the modified own experience to pass them then further changed to the new generations in the succession of cycles.

The cyber attacks on Iranian uranium production system is based on the experience gained in the study, in secolo scorso, degli inserti subliminali . I quali possono essere usati anche in modo fraudolento per fini politici, commerciali o di business.

Purtroppo i vari Tg nazionali oggi impongono la notizia con una successione declamatoria rapida atta a stordire l’ascoltatore, privato, nel rapidissimo udire in successione, della possibilità di ragionare e di confrontare, perciò di effettuare la reciprocità tra percepito e pensato.

Il consumismo non a caso ha avuto come mezzo dirompente i media, proprio perché poté penetrare simultaneamente nella massa.

The trust must never be blind, but always given with open eyes. Otherwise lead to harmful results, or subjection.

This applies between spouses, because the actual attention to the work of the other is to improve the relationship in the pair being mutually constructive, also applies to religion, because otherwise it becomes a community that is small and set locked up in their transcendental beliefs, making their understanding a pure ideological and ethical relativism. It is also in economy and society, since the proclamation of the acquired right subservient to the other for themselves; as is also the case in politics when, as often happens, reality is not analyzed in the probability analogue of reciprocity, but only manipulated the possibility that the utility can produce.

Today's man needs an airtight defense system not to be enslaved also ideologically and politically, just like the computer to be infected and fall for different purposes.

This system is able to give time to analyze and understand what we are almost instilled with the bombing media.

Reciprocity can not do without the mutual consent, and without it we do not build peace, but only destroys the war, precisely because the various terms used are not perceived with the same meaning and purpose.


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