Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome Message For Wedding

that 's why Love is blind

Rene Magritte - The Lovers

tell that a meeting one day in a place on earth all feelings and qualities of men .

When you boredom was presented for the third time, the madness as always a bit 'crazy proposed:

"Let's play hide and seek." The interest raised an eyebrow and curiosity without being able to contain said, "hide and seek? What is this?" "It's a game-explained madness - in which I cover my eyes and I start to count up to 1000000, while you hide when I finish counting, the first to discover that you will take my place to continue the game. "

L 'enthusiasm danced, accompanied by ' euphoria. The 'joy he made so many jumps that ended up convincing the doubt and even apathy, which was not interested in anything .... But not everyone wanted to participate. The truth

preferred not to hide. Because if we all eventually find out? The

pride thought it was a very silly game (basically what bothered her was that she had not been his idea) and the cowardice preferred not to risk it.

"ONE, TWO, THREE ..." -Began to count the madness. The first was to hide the laziness that dropped behind the first stone in the path. The faith flew into the sky and the envy hid in the shade of triumph that its forces had managed to climb on the highest tree. The generosity

could hardly hide. Every place that was beautiful it seemed to some of his friends. What about a crystal clear lake? Ideal for beauty.

The leaves of a tree? Perfect for shyness. The wings of a butterfly? The Best pleasure. A gust of wind? Magnificent for freedom. So the generosity ended up hiding in a sunbeam.

Selfishness, on the contrary immediately found a good hiding place, airy, comfortable and of his own. The

lie hid on the bottom of the ocean (not 'real, was hidden behind the rainbow!). The

passion and desire the center of the volcanoes. Oblivion .... I do not remember where ...? When the madness

grew to 999,999 love had not yet found a place to hide because she found them all occupied, until he saw a rose bush and finally decided to hide among the flowers. "A million!" - Counted the madness. And he began to look for. The first to appear was the laziness, only three steps behind a stone. Then he heard the

faith, which was arguing with God on matters of theology, and felt the vibration passion and desire from the bottom of volcanoes.

found by chance and was able to deduce the envy where he was the triumph . Selfishness could not find him: he had fled from his hiding place having realized that there was a nest of wasps.

After so much walking, the insanity was thirsty and reaching il lago scoprì la bellezza .

Con il dubbio le risultò ancora più facile, giacché lo trovò seduto su uno steccato senza avere ancora deciso da che lato nascondersi.

Alla fine trovò un po' tutti: il talento nell'erba fresca, l'angoscia in una grotta buia, la menzogna dietro l'arcobaleno e infine l'oblio che si era già dimenticato che stava giocando a nascondino.

Solo l'amore non le appariva da nessuna parte. La Pazzia cercò dietro ogni albero, dietro ogni pietra, sulla cima delle montagne e quando stava per darsi per vinta scorse il cespuglio rose and began to move the branches. When suddenly they heard a cry of pain: The plugs were wounded eyes Love!

The Madness did not know what to do to exonerate himself, he wept, begged, pleaded, asked forgiveness and promised that it would eventually become his guide.

Since then, the 'Love and' blind madness and always accompanies him ....

(Story taken from the web)


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