Thursday, January 6, 2011

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The legend of Befana La Befana La Befana ♦ ♦ Guido Gozzano

descended from the couch

are there by the fire,

big eyes delighted, the children busy

to put the shoe

inviting Vecchietta


goodies and gifts for all good children.

Everyone, close your eyes and dream

sweets and toys;

and Dori, the youngest, his little face


the large window,

to see the parade of the Magi, in the sky,

the night of frost.

those passed in the meantime

their jeweled mantle, and guides them

a star in the sky, the most beautiful.

What enchanted vision

in the starry night!

And see the children, how they see the halo

angels rejoicing

it 'their white mantles.

Children! Joy and life

son felt the vision

in their little heart

unaware of the pain.


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