Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Is Gmc Changing Yukon Body Style

alpine animals.

The reader who follows me will have long noted that there is a special poster dedicated to the current month, accompanied by a photograph (which I always carried - recently or in the past -) with a brief caption.

At first there were the alpine flowers and mountain last year, the crosses and wooden crucifixes.

Some have invited me to put persons of alpine landscapes, but this year I thought I would do differently: Alpine animals!

Photographing a pet is much more complex than portraying a flower or a mountain landscape.

Many animals do not allow themselves to approach and photograph them, including through the appropriate use of zoom or telephoto lens, you often lurk and wait for them to appear ... and pose.

Which is not easy, especially if you are in the middle of winter. In proportion, as many know, the climate is harsh and, as a rule, each about 150 m in altitude the temperature drops by 2 ° under normal atmospheric conditions, reaching temperatures in the presence of polar wind chill .

Some animals are creatures of habit and once identified, however, their habitat is easy to portray them with an ambush.

others are random encounters, so we be ready, others are more social, such as the ibex in the Gran Paradiso park, capable of taking the cracker out of the hands of the climber they perceive, at a distance, the presence of the salt it contains.

Animals are an integral part of mountain ecology, so that the natural system that colonizes the mineral kingdom to the animal kingdom.

We also need to colonize the hills, so to maintain a balance of vegetation, especially now that the pasture has significantly reduced the pasture, leaving the area unprotected.

The year 2011 is the Chinese year of the rabbit .

In deference to what I will start with the hare this new brackets on my photo blog.


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