Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Do Goiters Look Like

Giovanni Pascoli

It is Epiphany,

comes from the mountains at night.

How is tired! surrounds

snow, frost and wind.

It is the Epiphany.

His hands in the chest on the cross,

and the snow is his garment, and frost

his panel,

and the wind is his voice.

His hands in the chest on the cross.

and went slowly

the villa, the farmhouse,

watching, listening,

or nearer or farther.

Slowly, slowly.

What's inside this house?

A slight shuffling.

All is calm, all is black.

and shines a light changes.

What's inside this house?

Watch and see ... three beds

with three children to bed, good.

Watch and see ... to capitoni

there are three long and thin socks.

Oh! three socks and three beds ...

The bright and shining down, and

scricchiolan the stairs

the brightly lit and salt, and

palpitan tents.

Who salt? Who goes?

With her mother fell gifts,

rooms with his smile.

The bright burns in the face

lamp as a church.

With her mother fell gifts.

La Befana the window

hears and sees, and moves away.

Move the north,

passes through the high road:

trembles every door, every window.

And that's in the house?

A long sigh and faint.

Some firefly fire

shines even in the hearth.

But that's in the house?

Watch and see ... three strapunti

with three children to bed, good.

Among the ashes and coals

there are three hooves worn.

Oh! three shoes and three strapunti ...

And his mother and waking row

sighing and sobbing, and behold

from time to time

oh! those three bases in a row ...

sleep and cry, cry and row.

La Befana sees and hears;

fled to the mountain, which is the dawn.

that mother still cries

on those children with nothing.

La Befana sees and hears.

La Befana is on the mountain.

What he sees is what he saw:

some people cry and some people laugh:

it clouds to the forehead, while he

on the white mountain.


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